1. I really like them both and they seem pretty chill and low key. Only heard a couple of very inconsequential rumors about DUIs and band replacements on here which I don’t know if they are even true.

  2. Choose hospital based nurse midwives for uncomplicated pregnancy. Mine had no qualms letting me go until 41 weeks as long as neither I or the baby had any issues.

  3. It’s not possible everywhere. I’m from another country where hospital based midwives are the standard for birth. But I moved to the US and gave birth here. The hospital I gave birth in didn’t employ midwives and nor did any of the other hospitals in the whole district! My OB, who was British, told me the hospital anesthesiologists didn’t like midwives because women got fewer epidurals when they were around so the anesthesiologists got paid less…

  4. I have also always loved Keira Knightley’s casual wedding look as well

  5. I loved this too but I think it was just her “legal” ceremony dress. Didn’t she later have a large wedding with a more traditional dress in France or somewhere?

  6. I have yet to see confirmation that Phoebe actually wrote her verse. The only songwriter I see credited is SZA.

  7. Spotify has a bunch of people credited, including Phoebe and Marshall Vore.

  8. Maybe a stupid question but does Phoebe have writing credit for the lyrics on this track? I had previously thought guest vocals were just that.

  9. Emily Bannon is a friend of hers who she also dated. But I think the song being about Emily Retsas makes sense too.

  10. Did they though? I’m not saying I don’t believe it… I certainly believe they hooked up. But lately on Reddit this new timeline where Phoebe was dating Emily until she met Paul has been repeated in multiple subs. She was almost certainly dating Conor Oberst before Paul so some of these dating timelines are a bit dubious.

  11. "At some point, [Chris] Nelson [owner of Sound Space studio in LA] was dating someone named Emily Bannon, who he alleges had previously dated Bridgers’ guitarist Harrison Whitford while also having a secret three-way sexual relationship with Bridgers and Conor Oberst. Nelson alleges that he, Bannon, and Bridgers started having threesomes in 2018, per People, although Nelson didn’t learn about the previous ménage à trois until later. Nelson says he broke up with Bannon in fall 2019, but Bannon and Bridgers continued seeing each other. The two were photographed together on the GQ Men of the Year red carpet in 2019."

  12. Yes, but I’m not taking that guy as a reliable source… tbh I’m not really doubting that she hooked up with/dated Emily… it’s the people saying she “cheated on” Emily with Paul which I think is the mistake.

  13. Emily and Phoebe were in a poly relationship with Chris Nelson. Then, Emily and phoebe just went onto date. Then the two of them dated Connor Oberst. Then from there Phoebe cheated on Emily with Paul. That seems to be the timeline

  14. I don’t know where people are getting this from but it seems to be a new timeline people have created- I don’t think that’s what happened. I think she was more likely with Conor Oberst immediately before Paul, not Emily. It’s likely something happened with Emily too but I don’t think she left her for Paul!

  15. Right! It’s not a livable wage most anywhere in the US, definitely not in LA. Then Kim dares to say “People don’t want to work anymore.” No Kim, people don’t want to work for a pittance! This is what so many of these employers (celebrity or otherwise) don’t get. People will always want (need) to work… but they want to be paid a livable wage!

  16. I'm interested in knowing; do you disavow sex work the same way you do surrogacy? Do you view them as being similar in terms of being exploitative?

  17. Not the op but my hot take- yes, sex work is exploitation. I understand “sex work is work” and I do not judge any woman who does it. I judge men and I judge our society. At the end of the day, the majority of women who are sex workers are doing it because they have to, not because they want to. It is the best option for them at the time to find work (and of course, there are those forced into it to). Imagine if we had the volume of male sex workers as women… well it’s practically unthinkable because men have other options and there is not the volume of women wanting the services of a male sex worker.

  18. I never liked him in his younger years because I hated Twilight. But my god is he hot now!

  19. It’s funny how Harry’s personality in his audition is so reminiscent of his performances today imo

  20. Yes- after this I I went and found a YouTube video showing all 5 of the One Direction lads’ auditions. For some reason I didn’t watch x-factor that year and never saw them at the time.

  21. The Adele one was ridiculous. I understand how there are situations where the opinion is very different: for example, if you are an American with Korean heritage vs a Korean who lives in Korea. But the Adele one was ridiculous because it was at Notting Hill carnival and the Caribbean diaspora was fully behind her! Like you said, they were getting drowned out by Americans with no understanding of the situation and it was super frustrating!

  22. I think you mean Notting Hill, Nottingham is a very different place

  23. Lol yes I did! I am very familiar with both places so I guess my phone autocorrected somehow haha! Thanks for catching that. Edited it now!

  24. Idk why people act surprised when southern reality show stars come out as republicans. I stopped being surprised after the Mcgees turned out to be massive homophobes. They’re charming on tv for ratings and purposefully avoid politics bc it doesn’t add anything to viewership. In fact they probably know it would hurt viewership if they were open about their trash politics.

  25. Christina is from Southern California, so in theory it’s different. However, she’s from Orange County not San Diego… a lot of Republicans in Orange County!

  26. i hope the lead for each song is credited to boygenius (band) instead of the three of them. i feel so bad whenever i look at juliens profile and the most popular songs on there are all boygenius songs :(

  27. I don’t feel bad, but it is kind of curious. Her last album was soooo good!

  28. Definitely! I just particularly liked the last one and you’d think some of those more recent songs would be higher up in her Spotify rankings.

  29. She started dating the gf of the music studio owner who sued her, then cheated on her for Conor who was married.. messy doesn't begin to describe her pattern

  30. Wait- people are thinking she dated Emily “properly” and cheated on her with Conor? I always thought she left Marshall for Conor and Emily was her friend who she (and maybe Conor) had kind of an open thing with.

  31. Interesting. I was an extra on a show she starred in about 22 years ago. She was not very nice but, in all fairness, she was very young and just starting out. Anyhow, they seem to be a happy couple and very cute together.

  32. Was it Young Americans? I think I am one of the few people who actually watched that show (probably why it was canceled after about 8 episodes).

  33. From his memoir “He admits to killing 25 Afghanistans. He said he did not think of them as victims but instead as chess pieces taken off board ‘’ how did someone read it and approved to publish thinking it would help his public image wtf

  34. Unfortunately that’s how the army trains people to think. But yeah, still doesn’t make him look good.

  35. I hear them on Sirius XMU all the time. Definitely heard on NPR stations and BBC radio too.

  36. Still can’t figure out if Bo and Phoebe are legit, or if everyone in LA is just looking at remotely similar looking couples and getting confirmation bias

  37. That’s what I thought when people kept “spotting” Paul Mescal and Phoebe around London but that turned out to be true. This time with Bo there have actually been a few photos snapped with fans and stuff. It’s proof they were at least together in the same place and she’s not over in London watching Paul’s theater show so… I think Phoebe and Bo are definitely hooking up at least. The only thing I think is different for them is they don’t seem to have tried to hide it. Like with Paul there were absolutely no photos of them together for ages.

  38. I mean i actually think this one might be true because the sighting came paired with a pic of them too (see attached). but i think bo was obviously joking so i’m LOL at that person thinking they truly adopted a bird together, and let it fly free around them. how would that even work?

  39. Things like this make me feel bad for celebrities. It was obviously just a spur of the moment joke. I don’t really follow Bo but I’ve seen Phoebe in concert and she makes those kind of dad jokes. Like they can’t just make a funny comment without someone running to report it to DeuxMoi? I realize it’s ironic saying this as I obviously enjoy a certain amount gossip. But if I couldn’t even make an off the cuff joke in public (this is honestly the kind of stupid joke I would, and have, make to a stranger too) without it being reported, I think I’d become a hermit.

  40. Do you think the rumor about him wearing headphones during sex is true? 😂... I've been a huge fan of his since Romeo and Juliet. But that rumor sure is a head scratcher

  41. I think it’s false. I don’t have any reason to think that but just because… like… why?! Why would you wear headphones during sex with gorgeous women?!

  42. And for reference after her huge tour year in 2018 where she did 107 shows, she only did 10 in 2019. This year was her second biggest tour year with 77 shows, so if you’re going off patterns there ya go.

  43. 10 solo but wasn’t she touring half of 2019 with Bocc? So perhaps a Boygenious tour will be on the cards next year… 🤞🏼

  44. It’s wild how these rumors went around the whole world before the modern internet age. I mean internet existed, but not like now. How did every kid in the UK and US (and I’m sure other places too) hear the same rumor? There was the one about him having a rib removed too. And when I was in middle school in the UK, there was one about the British singer Peter Andre having metal plates inserted to give him a six pack lol!! No, the guy just worked out I think. But how did we all hear and believe this?!

  45. IMO the resemblance people see between Ronan and Frank is actually Ronan's contact lenses + resemblance between Ronan and Mia and her dad (who looked similar to Frank). The timing just doesn't make sense plus Ronan HATES Woody and would be ecstatic to not be related to him

  46. Congrats OP! I’m honestly surprised at how easy it is. Others may disagree and I’d be interested to hear- but as someone who did the PGCE in England but now teaches back in the US, the PGCE I did was more rigorous and new teachers are much better prepared for teaching compared to my US friends and colleagues. Of course each state is different here. I’m not sure of the specific US qualifications of those who are switching to the PGCE.

  47. Thanks for sharing. I don’t know any details about PGCE or the comparative rigor of preparation. You could be right and I appreciate hearing your perspective.

  48. Haha well I’m sure the Brits appreciate it. :) So her qualifications were officially assessed by the state or district (I’m not exactly sure) and that was the equivalency she was given. I will say the English education system is a lot more intense than the “American” system. For example, a lot of Americans think the British BA degree being 3 years and Masters being 1 year means they are easier. In actuality they are much more intense and Brits (or at least in England, not sure on the Scottish system) do the equivalent of the high school diploma at 16 and then everyone begins specializing from 16-18. It’s much more formal and at university there is a high level of self study and independent research from the start. So I don’t necessarily disagree with British qualifications being ranked highly… maybe not that high though ha!

  49. Paul was interviewed on the red carpet of the British GQ awards this same night and as he was walking away the interviewer says 'shame you're taken!' and he just laughed awkwardly... I thought it was weird when people started saying Phoebe went with Bo when Paul was already a man of honour

  50. I’ve been trying to figure this out as I’ve seen people talk about Paul being at a GQ awards and Phoebe being at one with Bo. Were these the same awards? If so, isn’t it proof Phoebe and Paul aren’t together anymore as there’s no way they’d be at the same awards and not be photographed together at some point if they were still in a relationship. Or maybe it was two different awards ceremonies and I’m being stupid.

  51. That's what I was thinking - there must have been two separate events in the UK and America??

  52. Yes- apparently there was a London and LA ceremony. That makes sense now!

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