1. I call this a Keanu Reeves effect. He plays a badass in movies, so when people get to know him irl, their opinion of him reverses and multiplies, and now he's the nicest guy ever, even though he's just... Normal. Same here

  2. There are no exactly consious and unconsious people. It's more like a scale, where as you are progressing and trying new things, new concepts, new questions. We get smarter, more open-minded and better. You (wherever you are on this imaginary scale) are probably far away from being the most consious person alive

  3. "so the question was going to come up eventually"

  4. It doesn’t effect my view of him at all. His personal life was a curiosity, just like any significant, historical figure. It’s just another piece of useless information that doesn’t effect his legacy.

  5. Okay brother, sorry then. The way you phrased original question made it look like that's a major thing for you

  6. Hi, I worked at a mortuary for a while as an assistant. Although it’s different to a coroner, (someone who carries out an autopsy), I still know a little. This might be a little long.

  7. Wow, this is amasing and geniunly unexpected. You need to make a separate post out of this brother! :2464::2464:

  8. This is a repost. Thanks to everyone, who reminded me about spoilers

  9. There’s going to be no invasion of Russia. There will be no nuclear war. Russia will be thrown out of Ukraine and left out in the cold from the wider European community. That’s it. No exciting ending, flashing lights and explosions; just a terminal decline. Enjoy.

  10. I don't want exciting ending, I just say my predictions, which are based solely on the logic and relationships our current world finds itself into

  11. Seems like a thing, a reasonable person would say. Sadly, not everyone is exactly educated enough to value a human life, and most will probably jump at the chance to defeat the scary soviets once and for all.

  12. yeah but wouldnt this come out as piss tho

  13. The man is asking real questions, OP, what do you have to say?


  15. Make em look like fruits you can pluck right off and eat

  16. Clearly you didn't read Jorge Joestar Novel

  17. It would be better if the schematic that was generated in a loot chest could only generate as one of the schematic types that you haven’t picked up before (similar to how the Gaia boss in Botania drops the Dice of Fate or whatever that randomly chooses between a couple end game Botania items, and then it can’t choose that same item again until you’ve collected all the other items you’ve gotten from the Dice of Fate).

  18. oh really?? Well botania is even better,than i thought! All this time I thought I am just that lucky

  19. Lol yeah if I were you, I would just cheat in the schematic I need at that point.

  20. probably will. SevTech is a great modpack, and I appreciated even the worst parts of it, like betweenlands and pneumaticcraft, but this is ridiculous

  21. me when a me when the me when I got exposed (??) for flirting with a girl 4 years younger than me and didn't immediatly stop all of my music career

  22. well yeah, headspace people are strong and all, but reality hits really hard if it wants to

  23. Every game except celeste. Devs added glitch as a mechanic in dlc

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