1. This is a bit of a 'proof of concept' for my last post that MMC isn't brokenly overpowered and doesn't really need nerfed or removed just because its the optimal way to melee. This run is only 30s longer, using the same build just with a water stance katana with water master, with a much more significant modifier (longer cooldowns vs reduced healing).

  2. Can you share your full build .

  3. What's the shockwave coming out after every assassination ?

  4. Bind it to Ronin. Have one of the perks be Assassin Unlock. You can then use it in your Assassin despite it being bound to your Ronin.

  5. Same I need help in CH 3 . My psn : Versatile_ZF

  6. Why do you jump when you throw your kunai

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