1. Earl is not that healthy. Look at the nutrition on the website.

  2. I just learned that iPhones come with Shazam and you can add it to the control center. How I have not known this till last week. So I have been Shazamming a lot lately.

  3. In training for a family Disney World vacation next month, bc them are exhausting.

  4. I really dislike Finn but Cody needs to go first.

  5. His storyline with Elizabeth is the worst. I Always ff through their scenes.

  6. Print one extra and put INSIDE your suitcase visible to anyone who opens it in case the outside tag gets separated.

  7. No. The take for the cruise line is very high and little is paid out to the players. I’d rather enjoy the pool.

  8. Second harvest maybe. I think they were making emergency food meals.

  9. It’s 15% still for people who can do math. It’s a 5% penalty if you don’t. 🤪

  10. Plot twist she was trolling u the whole time and never intended to buy it

  11. Double plot twist, this post is trolling us all. OP hasn’t appeared in the comments since they initiated the post.

  12. Hello i am here. This was an Instagram deal since i was selling clothes on my story. I know this girl so i expected her to follow through with the deal at some point. I am a student so yes, getting pants off my back and getting $20 is a good deal to me, that’s half a tank of gas right there.

  13. Thanks for responding. Sorry you are dealing with this moron buyer. I’d move on and sell to someone else. They are definitely mildly infuriating.

  14. I have both. Always good to have more than one cc as a backup. Same with traveling. Always travel with more than one cc and don’t keep them in the same place.

  15. Absolutely on the travel part, aside from my phone and watch my wife and I carry two different cards each plus a CS debit card should we need cash.

  16. Hopefully our backups aren’t needed but it will make everything better if we lose a card. 😀 Ppl don’t think of the go-wrong scenarios.

  17. Oh no, I didn’t know that was a thing. There were a couple people looking out over the bridge to see it and a big turtle that was in the water as well, maybe one of them knew to report it? Good to know for next time!

  18. Only if the toddler is on an area they shouldn’t be. Usually the gators get killed and not relocated. They live in my Florida neighborhood and we don’t go in or near water where we can’t see the bottom.

  19. I don't think it works that way. The business was at no fault for the damage so they aren't liable.

  20. Well…. Maybe if she was required to be there, the employer is at fault.

  21. I leave my empty glass at another bar as they are located all over. You will see glasses all over the ship though. Garbage can lids, steps, etc….

  22. 2 years ago there was a big rain and my parking lot had a few inches of water…. Well I didn’t use my car for like 3 days and when I finally went out I opened the door and there were so many ants walking on the dashboard, and as I was standing there more and more and more kept appearing…. I went to Home Depot and bought this ant killer thing and put it inside of my car but it didn’t do much…. My dad told me that maybe they were under the car, so I went to a car wash and got one of those washes that includes the undercarriage and when I say that hundred and hundreds of ants started to come out through every little crack inside of the car is an understatement. I got off the car and as I opened the door I realized the majority were coming from like the door, and with a flashlight I actually found their damn colony by like the hinges of the door. I found thousands of eggs!!!!! So I grabbed the vacuum from the car wash and put through the hinges and I was able to get most of them. When I got home I got Raid and was able to like strap a straw to it be able to spray inside of the hole…. And that’s how my story ends. It was a straight up nightmare.

  23. I thought it was a 6 ep series. Nope. It’s just season 1. Be prepared for that.

  24. Whatever you do, don’t file an insurance claim for the lost food (unless you’re claiming other damages too of course). I learned that lesson the hard way many years ago. The premium increase more than paid for the $250 check I got.

  25. Don’t file an insurance claim for ANYTHING not major. At this point, I’m not sure we all won’t be on citizens next year, but any claim is going to put you on the top of THE LIST.

  26. I was crushed when I realized it wasn’t going to be all wrapped up by the end of ep 6. Grrr…

  27. I know you said they don’t want to go to the parks, but what about lunch at a Disney hotel on the boardwalk. Then you can take the boats and skyliner for free and wouldn’t be much walking. Lots of benches to sit outside there and just enjoy the scenery.

  28. I love that idea! Any suggestions about which one is best to eat at? They love being near water so I think they may really enjoy this!

  29. Ale and compass has a good lunch menu. You can look online for all the menus. Book sooner than later as Disney dining resvs book so early. You may have to keep checking for a good time. The dining reservation gets you in to park at the hotel. I don’t think any of the Disney restaurants are a good value but it’s Disney…. It’s still fun regardless!

  30. You do realize a hurricane just went through right?

  31. And she was barely give a few words to say.

  32. The more they bring up Trina's paternity, the more I suspect that either she or Taggert are gonna need some kind of blood/organ and they aren't gonna match each other.

  33. I think taggert will get hooked. All the hooks have been going after ppl related to Trina.

  34. I don't know which writer (let's face it, it's probably Frank), is trying to live out their singing fantasies with this Chase storyline, but I was over it before it began.

  35. And now we are going to have to watch another song at the savoy. Prob a wed ep filler.

  36. Has the nj government looked at a Costco gas line? People waiting 20 mins to save 10 cents a gallon. I gladly go down the street and pay regular price.

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