1. Not painfully and slowly dying from liver/organ failure is working to keep me from drinking...been hospitalized way to many times.

  2. Probation doesn't care what's legal/illegal and neither does your employers insurance carrier

  3. Yep... alcohol is legal and can't be drinking on probation

  4. Welcome to the club. It's wild ride. Getting off at the first available stop is recommended.

  5. What the fuck is that person screaming?

  6. Att sports net showing the game? Right now it's sumo wrestling 😖

  7. Game is also being broadcast on TBS, but I think it will be blacked out in the Houston area.

  8. The two back to back immaculate innings was nice

  9. Let OXY have the rights, then they can take down the damn giant indoor sign.

  10. Maldy isn't a person, it's an attitude, a lifestyle. Have you been Maldyfied yet?

  11. Went out and got maldied last night.

  12. I might not be (passively) suicidal if I were in your situation either. But I am a mom of three busy teenagers, a spouse, have a career with a paycheck that we need to survive. The inability to feel love for my children anymore is crushing. Life is tedious- commute, work, kids activities, cleaning, cooking, bills, etc. Without any sort of positive feelings, life is HARD.

  13. No one said it's going to be easy...lol. yeah this shit SUCKS 😖

  14. What sleep meds do you take? And how long have you been taking the Wellbutrin? For me bupropion caused severe insomnia... stopped taking it and felt so much better... insomnia can cause physical pain as well. Getting proper sleep is paramount to your overall health.

  15. The name of the guy who invented the modern flush toilet was John Crapper . True story. 😁

  16. Neither. Born in Canada. Just always been a 'Stros fan!

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