1. You know what dad? You’re just a no-good, inbred, piece of crap

  2. He’s 59 years old and he doesn’t know who Alf is?

  3. Shrekt - or alternatively, Bobby Hill Shrek cosplay

  4. Bobby, you better get those fairy tell creatures out of Strickland Propane, I tell ya hwut!

  5. FUCK THE PHILLIPPINES! You can fill up my ass.

  6. I just looked it up & bluey was originally a comic strip in 1916.

  7. I recommend occasionally taking a look at each profile you have on ignore, and removing the names that are either banned, have been deleted or are otherwise no longer active.

  8. Instead of yelling banana they yell mayonnaise

  9. The thing that annoys me most about blaze is that they're vehicles that eat human food. It's stupid.

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