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Russian soldiers are surrendering en masse

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  1. Sure... have done lots of solo trips, and together trips. Or combined, where we travel together awhile, then they flew home or chill at a resort while I go off and do solo for a bit. My longest trips were 24 days max, with most being in the 5-15 day range.

  2. Sure, there's stuff like Nomadmania awards. But that's for pretty hardcore travelers.

  3. Indonesia was my last international trip before Covid hit. Spent 8 days there. I pretty much winged the whole trip, I was booking internal flights and hotels a day or two before.

  4. Have flown over 1700 flights and can say there's only been an emergency on maybe 3-4 of them. So just a coinkydink

  5. One month away from the Great October Revolution 1 anniversary

  6. Yeah even Russia can't have an October revolution in the right month. It was in November.

  7. Generally flights are sold with advance purchase, usually 7/14/21 days with more expensive closer ito departure. But for popular travel days/ holidays the cheap seats can sell out ahead of time. 6 months out is usually too far so 1-3 months is usually the best

  8. You an buy some cheap land and build a cabin. No bills. Hunting and fishing takes care of food. You can trade skins, and what you catch for other supplies. You cut down wood for heat. Work the occasional odd job. The $3k takes care of the rest.

  9. Then you get paid by Discovery channel for a show

  10. You've just described car salesmen currently right outside of military bases. Brand new Mustang, $0 down! Only 26% APR and comes with a stripper wife that will max out your credit cards while you're in another country.

  11. Lucky for them Democrats generally aren’t vindictive assholes like most Republicans are.

  12. Also lucky for them that modern Republicans have no problem being hypocrites. Basically all of them will take the money and stand by their hatred of the federal government.

  13. 'no body never give me no handouts. I'm on disability'

  14. Read that as Heroin island at first..... I need glasses

  15. Was teenager in the 80s. Read a lot. Played computer games (old Sierra games), built forts, rode bikes, played tennis. Went to Krispy Kreme at 2 in the morning.

  16. These are great! It deserves to be its own post. Maybe share them on

  17. hmm, i thought I had already posted them before somewhere.

  18. These are amazing, thanks for sharing!

  19. Thanks. He used to have a video camera too, I remember watching some of the movies (like the titty shows in Paris.....)

  20. "They're retreating so fast we can't keep up with them. How do we fight them if they keep running?"

  21. No, but it does mask the shift quantity down to three bits for byte operations if memory serves. Could that be it?

  22. Yeah seems to affect ASL/ASR, LSL, LSR. The only errors are mismatch X/C flags result.

  23. Boldly going forward cause we can't find reverse.

  24. TravelMoney, keep track of expenses, handles multiple currencies and can calculate shared costs/debts for shared expenses.

  25. 3-4 usually. Just got back from 8 days in Gabon, my 3rd international trip so far. Visited El Salvador in March and Cayman Islands over Labor Day weekend.

  26. Very nice! I've been looking for an itinerary to visit here and Corsica. Looks like weather is still good in Sept? Was worried about stuff being shut down off-season if I go later in the year.

  27. Yep. Trump is now fundraising off of his lawsuit against CNN. “I am SUING the Corrupt News Network (CNN) for DEFAMING and SLANDERING my name,” a new fundraising email said. “I’VE ACTIVATED A SHORT-TERM 9X-IMPACT ON ALL GIFTS!”

  28. Dear Karen. Your favorite President (me) has noticed you have not contributed in some time. I am receiving the donor list TODAY. Will YOUR name be on the list?

  29. I read it as “dick weaving”. The first time and was like, well…. That IS impressive…

  30. yeah, russian soldier here, just reading your comment on the latrines

  31. ...and an autographed copy of Paying for Girlfriend's Abortions and Me: This Sort of Thing is My Bag, Baby! by Herschel Walker.

  32. Why does it seem all these “good Christian men” always have a terrible hypocritical past? Then they get into politics lmao.

  33. 'Jesus died for my sins. And I want to make it worthwhile'

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