Hilarious Dad Joke

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  1. I love the freeze frame at the end of the video.. they look soooo happy

  2. I knew it was gonna get even better when he took the hat off! Lol. Bodied it!!

  3. Title says 100+ year painting and it’s a fucking Monet lol. It’s not JUST a 100 year old painting

  4. Just too much sugar out there folks. Its in everything. You can eat well and eliminate some sugar and you can make a huge difference. If you simply eliminate or cut back Soda and sugary juice drinks you would notice a change in a short time.

  5. Interesting 🤔, that kind-of tracks from what I've read about foods in the US having higher calories, less nutritional values and bigger portions.

  6. Foods in the US generally have a higher concentration of sugars. Bread, corn, potatoes, etc. So when we ingest the common American meal it causes us to be overweight alot easier than foods from other countries.

  7. Bruv, just buy new socks.. wouldn’t that be an easier solution?

  8. Because if it has viewers, it can generate money, and if it can generate money, it’s allowed to be a thing.

  9. Now I know I'm going to get so much hate for this

  10. That’s the best time to attack according to Machiavelli

  11. I love everything about this comment 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  12. +1. That was the mildest dad’ing I’ve seen in a while after a teen destroyed something

  13. Haha, great job OP. I was going to post this yesterday, I figured someone would

  14. "Sniper" lol he's an ELR shooter, most all professionals that get paid to simply shoot aren't "snipers", there's competitive shooting.

  15. You’re correct here. But the average consumer doesn’t know what an ELR shooter is, so sniper is a better term to help them understand the context of the video. But, again, you are absolutely correct

  16. At that distance … how is he calibrating the second shot if he can’t see where the first shot landed?

  17. Spotter next to him is telling him all of the shot metrics

  18. I quit a job when I was originally hired for part time I.T, and part time salesman.

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