1. It’s a lot to explain. Maybe watch a tutorial on Firebase functions

  2. Does making the call (to firebase, to openai, back to firebase, back to user) take a long time? what is the average time you’d say

  3. It’s fast enough you won’t even notice it. Otherwise someone will steal your API key. I recommend looking up some tutorials and starting with a website then move to an extension

  4. Is there a way for the extension to gain access to the page's HTML? I'd love to be able to use this to help me with content extraction, or querying the DOM using plain language.

  5. This is a great suggestion! I’ll work on this next. I have some ideas but I need to make sure it’s reliable

  6. BLUF is now available on Firefox!

  7. I think there’s a lot of haters on this thread. Don’t listen to them.

  8. Don't need to wait 60 days, it's ready now!

  9. I tried it out, but when used on a PDF, nothing happened. The prompt was gone nevertheless. It seems, as, if the window just does not show up when I'm not directly on a website.

  10. Ok let me investigate this issue, can you DM me the email you used in your account I’ll give you a few prompt credits back

  11. BLUF is now available on Firefox!

  12. Absolutely not, nothing is sent out unless you choose to. This can be confirmed by inspecting the extension through Chrome

  13. Hey congratulations on the launch! One suggestion, I couldn’t find pricing anywhere in your site without needing to sign up. Since you mentioned you have some paid users I assume there is a paid plan. I think you should definitely include it in the landing page and not behind a signup. Even your chat bot didn’t couldn’t tell me the price without an email

  14. This is so cool! Have you experimented with getting it to do actions based on the prompt?

  15. I’ve been playing around with quite a few AI APIs lately, but nothing really stood out for me.

  16. Off-topic, but, what is the software used to screen record?

  17. Really nice! Any plans on adding a free tier?

  18. A free trier may be a better tactic for growth than a just a free trail. You may get more signups

  19. First one is a Japanese token (pachislot), fourth one is a replica of a Spanish colonial silver cob. As for the Chinese coins, the silver is unfortunately fake, I think the cash coins is as well (I don't recall any with 3 characters on the back, but I will check later).

  20. Someone buy an unskippable ad on that video

  21. Kathie's ant is stuck in a tree and Robbin is trying to help her

  22. I see on the page you linked it's status is "fixed" and closed on October 6th. My Chromebook automatically updated about a week or so ago. Do you think a fix would have been included that recently? Thanks for posting this!

  23. Chrome OS would be amazing if it included a terminal and a package manager. I don't see why Google doesn't include that. Until it gets at least that, the Pixelbook will NEVER be worth it's price. It will ALWAYS play fourth fiddle to Linux, Mac, and Windows machines.

  24. There is a terminal in Dev mode and look into Chromebrew. And I run linux apps directly with crouton.

  25. I would try Crossover the android app first, its in beta but its basically a nice wrapper for Wine, and requires no dev mode

  26. Any help with getting games to work? I run the installer through crossover and I just get errors

  27. Yeah many games dont work its very initial

  28. Personally I rather not have this option because it will remove the incentive to update android apps to work with a kb & mouse

  29. hey what sort of development do you do? I do webdev and android, so I need crouton for that... but with CrossOver im wondering if I can have a full development setup without crouton. How would you say C9 is compared to other IDEs?

  30. Would love to know how Excel works. Only thing holding me back from the Pixelbook

  31. Works great, and they have Excel 2013.

  32. Google sheet's has pivot tables, but they're not as good as Excel, and if you have giant spreadsheets I would not use CrossOver. I barely tested Excel '13(the free trial version just uninstalls the app as soon as you close it). It didn't stutter, but it was an empty doc. But with Adobe PS 7.0 my i5 Pixelbook was pretty laggy, so I assume if you had a giant spreadsheet it would also lag lot.

  33. I do some data analytics for work in Excel and have some crazy big spreadsheets. And while google sheets is not as good with large amounts of data you can build some very complex sheets. Even more complex than excel docs at time because of Array Formulas and web connectivity.

  34. Nice find, I'd be worried about protecting the screen. Especially if it's touch

  35. Will buy on Google store but still waiting for the i7 model

  36. Just curious, what do you benefit from in having an i7 vs i5? Faster browsing? or do you plan on doing other cpu intensive work?

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