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  1. "You can't get into heaven until you let Jesus inside of you." Saw it on a church sign...

  2. There are a lot of people commenting here who don't know shit about hockey

  3. Grounding looks good but how is your SWR with that coil of feed line? People always tell me to bowtie coil extra feed line to keep it from becoming an inductor.

  4. This is incorrect. The currents in a feedline are balanced and have no net magnetic field interaction.

  5. I'm confused, coax is an unbalanced feed line and depending on the antenna set up there may be a current on the outer shield acting as a counterpoise. I guess what I should have said is that coiled feed line acts like a choke (not an inductor), which can be a good thing to keep RF out of the shack but depending on the antenna setup it may "choke" out the necessary current required to create a balanced system if your antenna is unbalanced. Right? Like for a EFHW, but at this point I think I'm getting off topic 😋

  6. "we get excited when we stay at a hotel because it means we're going to have sex, but not only that, we're going to have hotel sex, which is like, let's have sex, but let's also disrespect this room"

  7. This underlying feeling of necessity and "timing" is why I have 200+ hours banked...I need a vacation

  8. Not sure what model you've got but looks kind of like an original Stampede or Bigfoot from the 80s. Find out if any parts need replacing then I'd ditch those batteries, go with a fresh set of NMIHs and you should be good to go.

  9. Nah, this is a racer. Metal suspension parts, carbon fiber shock towers. But for the body mount posts and narrow body, I’d say something like RC10T.

  10. Yea good call it does look fairly modded or frankensteined 😋

  11. He did like to go to Palm Springs for the winter so you're probably spot on. 🙂

  12. My grandfather passed away last year at 95 years old and going through his things we found 4 hole in one balls and one hole in one photo frame. Two in 2011 and one in 2012, 2013, and 2014...those are just the ones we know about. The man was an eagle scout, WWII veteran, and retired from General Motors at the age of 55, even in his 80s he was picking off hole in ones once a year. I'm in my 30s and I'll probably never be close to that good. Anyways just a bit of nostalgia I came across and figured the community would appreciate it.

  13. Cleveland Tour Action TA5s, blacked out, circa 2005-06 I believe. Talk about bag envy, I may just have to pick up another set to relive my high school days on the team.

  14. I like predictable accomplishable things as my mental recharge hobbies, such as building a Lego set or sorting things. Legos are especially good because you can choose the complexity, it's easy to do, and you know you will get the feeling of accomplishment when you are done.

  15. Only if you pair it with a children's book on the importance of telling the truth

  16. Today was driving, tomorrow will be putting, next day will be long irons. Like wack-a-mole my golf!

  17. Excellent question that no one has seemed to ask - in at least the right way.

  18. And I assume if the disc doesn't respond in the way you intended, it means you are violating some other best practice with your form? Not following through in the hola hoop pattern, bad wrist angle, too nose up/down, grip locking/early release.

  19. its to identify off axis torque. If the disc turns over incredibly fast and unaturally you have off axis torque. putters are less resistant to torque

  20. For clarity, the off axis torque you are referring to would stem from improper wrist angle? or not "keeping the disc in line with your arm"? Those are two comments/pointers I hear about when OAT is mentioned. Like trying to make a disc do what I want by changing my wrist angle instead of my waist angle.

  21. Have you ever seen the video where Tobey Maguire is being harassed by paparazzi and he freaks out on them (rightly so) because there’s so many of them, the camera flashes are blinding him and he can’t see where he’s driving.

  22. Paparazzi (2004) w/ Cole Hauser...great movie...

  23. Two thoughts: The PDGA makes disc golf as a whole like a bunch of fucking losers playing a child’s game. I was discussing about grow the sport and I kept saying”We need better people” and everyone thought I was speaking Japanese. This is why. Two: That’s some deep shit Paige commented on about her dad and family.

  24. Someone else just posted about the dangers of rule violation hunting to get an edge and how it's messing up pro sport all over, specifically PGA with the whole fan hotline at the Masters and how it impacted Tiger. Same thing happened in F1 racing. Rule monger's make the sport less about talent and more about winning by getting the least penalties. * It seems related to cancel culture discrimination *. Just let the pro's play the sport.

  25. Basically people being petty because they don't like someone or a situation and their aim is to run them out of their current standing professionally.

  26. Weirdly enough this works...rub over the ink with dry erase marker or a fresh sharpie then soak it in rubbing alcohol before it completely dries again and it can help fade the ink off better. Honestly though most plastics soak in ink like a tattoo so you'll never really get it off. Just part of the sport, discs have a history, think of it as character.

  27. I came looking for dumbshit answers and got tales of poverty and hardship.

  28. In the words of Childish Gambino, "this is America".

  29. Anyone remember those wax juice filled pop bottle candies? I can't tell you how much wax I ate as a child. Try having a kid watch Willy Wonka, give him those, then convince him not everything is edible...

  30. Play It Again Sports,,,

  31. Loosen up on the back swing and follow through. Focus on flowing with the club a little more letting it come all the way back and follow through all the way around. What helped me with my follow through was trying to finish my swing by catching a glance of the club head all the way around behind my back, if that makes sense. It will add power, reduce slice, and keep you from injuring yourself in the long term.

  32. I wonder if a smooth ball would roll more one without dimples...there's no need for dimples when the ball isn't flying through the air.

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