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  1. Though I was generally childish, I did enjoy conversations with adults more due to generally higher degrees of introspection

  2. I too, spent alot of time talking to the old heads. For some reason I am very patient with elderly people, everyone else needs to speak the fuck up.

  3. How do you know there even Is another side? And if there IS taking your own life would be a fantastic way to NOT get there. hang in there, I promise you it's worth it

  4. Reading, dissociating for hours and staring at a wall, gaming, getting into online arguments, playing chess, programming and learning languages

  5. Cottom being the most blatantly racist sob on the show yet also the only person able to properly identify Kahn's ethnicity at a glance will never not be funny.

  6. What makes it even worse/funny he knows enough about peoples culture to knowexactly how to offend them. He studied the enemy. You HAVE to admire his tenacity

  7. That's weird because I've never met any ENTPs who are obnoxiously loud before. Most of their tone is neutral but only moderately loud, compared to other types like Te or Se doms, theirs are quite mild imo. The loudest people in my experience tend to be Se doms or Te doms on their rage. Maybe it has something to do with the enneagram? Idk.

  8. I would enjoy the skills of an ENTP. But I don't have them.

  9. You have toearn skill. Nobody is born being the master of something unless your name is Rey.

  10. I have them, but I am not so good with them to call them "skills"

  11. What you lack is confidence. You said you have some skill, and that already puts you ahead of many people that DON'T know how to do what you do. You could arguably be better than me at most things and just don't see it. Bruce Lee was a ENTP Arnold Schwarzenegger is a INTJ. You can be great at anything if you commit your mind and spirit to it.

  12. It's depressing how scared we are of strangers in the street or on the television. There are two groups out there who will fuck you in a bad way: one is in your home and one is in your pocket

  13. It won’t be a utopia of social harmony. It would be armies of Karens vying for total domination of group values.

  14. I'm just waiting for GTA VI to have a woman protagonist. Imagine the temper tantrum they would throw 😂😂😂

  15. It's speculation at this point. I would welcome it. Worked out pretty well in assassin's Creed, bet it would work in GTA as well. It'll also be great to see cringey neets screeching about boycotting the game. Give me a video of a incel trying to rip GTA posters of the wall at game stop calling everyone a soyboy while he cries. Fuel my cringe

  16. Yep. The planet will survive just fine and life forms will bounce back in a few million years once people are dead. And yes, natural science types are pretty convinced that we're screwed.

  17. Bring it! I'll headbutt a volcano! I'll gut punch a tornado! I'll suplex a atomic cloud! Death don't have the patience for ME son

  18. From Neckbeard to model. I also see you work out. Excellent job brother, keep getting the best out of life. Carpe Diem

  19. Yeah I’m an ESTP 7w8 too and I also question social norms and often think to myself: wow society just made its self up

  20. Counter thought: Without the Elon Musks and NTs in general, humanity would still be in dark age. NT drives innovation and takes us onwards into the future so stop fangirling over Si and bragging about it. We all coexist because that's just how the world is meant to be. If not for NT, you won't be texting right now on reddit lol, you would be drawing symbols in a cave and tending to your wounds caused by mosquitoes.

  21. Same here lol, I thought he made interesting points on a lot of things but whenever women are involved he just makes some small comments that make me go "wtf dude"

  22. For real! When I first watched his videos he seemed competent, if not a little opinionated. He seemed like the kind of guy you could have a beer with and debate shit all night. Then once I subscribed the neckbeard in him started to become very evident. He once had a tangent about some celebrity girl, about how they would meet and she'd "fall in love for the quite guy, after she banged all of his friends" and I was like🗿 Unsubscribed and haven't regretted a thing.

  23. I'm still subbed since he's usually pretty quick on the case when gaming news break out but fuck man I'm tired of seeing all these "Woke trASH flOps MAjOrly! instANt reGREt! ComPlETeLy DestROYEd!" Notifications whenever he uploads politically charged stuff

  24. To each they're own, I'm not judging you for following him. I just couldn't hold him in the same light after that image. I like his hats though

  25. If it makes you feel any better, shit like this has been happening forever because humans are terrible we just know about it more now because of the Internet and modern technology ;)

  26. There will be neckbeards on Mars one day... jerking off to three titted goth streamers

  27. I'm mad about how it ended. I literally thought, that's it?!?! Rayla's storyline was aggravating af. It's basically just "will they, won't they" again when they could have done so much more, like maybe a midseason breakup or something. At any rate, it's great seeing the old gang on adventure again! This show is almost as good as ATLA

  28. Idk if it’s true for your hair type but I will just say that my own hair is curly/wavy and when it air dries it looks more wavy, but when I use a diffuser and dry it upside down it becomes super voluminous and curlier. I use gel for extra hold.

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