I'm no longer accepting of conservatives- fuck you.

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  1. It doesn't look like anything is actually broken here. This is a 'field serviceable' part of the instrument.

  2. Making profit off of a life saving patent that was intended to be freely available isn’t tyranny, but it’s certainly not a good thing.

  3. Why is making a profit off of manufacturing a life-saving product a bad thing? Isn't doing this a good thing, and thus should be rewarded in the marketplace?

  4. Because it allows you to take advantage of others. People will pay anything to not die. It's impossible to make life saving necessities a free market without hurting the average person in the process.

  5. There are masculine women and feminine men. That doesn't negate population level differences in sexes.

  6. Is a woman protecting her children being masculine? Are women who are teachers as their profession being masculine, or when a mother is teaching her daughter household skills? When she’s role modeling proper behavior for her kids?

  7. It's fair to think that, but it would still be inaccurate. Again, it would not change anything from current law. This has to do with the details, as our current abortion laws have the same language, just without being in the constitution.

  8. I'm sorry it feels like a cop out, but it's not. It's just what it does.

  9. Let me put it this way: Passing a constitutional amendment outlawing abortion also doesn't change the text of Division 106, Part 2, Chapter, Article 2.5 of the Health and safety code. But you would say I was being very disingenuous if I claimed it "didn't change the law".

  10. He did win just after the Supreme Court had ended the recount of Florida so that George W. Bush could have more votes instead of Al Gore to appease their corporate and rich overlords so I am assuming you meant if the Supreme Court allowed the recount in Florida.

  11. Most recounts side with Bush, unless you cherry pick particular districts and particular rules. So... No. Gore lost, get over it. Or answer the question as if a few hundred people voted the other way.

  12. You gotta hand it to the Russians... They've managed to convince a bunch of hard-left types to support a center-right dictatorship because... reasons? Shared resentment of the EU and US? Because Russia kinda occupies the same landmass as the USSR did?

  13. It looks like the communists have gone from committing genocide to creating memes. I'll take that as an improvement.

  14. So 'real socialism' is worker-owned companies like those that appear in several industries within broader capitalist economies, and indeed the road to 'real socialism' is to make these more competitive in the marketplace by providing better goods and services?

  15. So... Is it just me or is the coastal commission completely insane here?

  16. Home value is a proxy for demand which is itself a proxy for quality of life. The more people want to live there, and the more they're willing to pay for the privilege, the more it's worth.

  17. Looked up the displacement on a locomotive engine out of curiosity. 100,000-150,000 cc. for comparison that's 50-75 Honda civic motors in one.

  18. EMD used to designate their model numbers by the displacement. Ie: 567 meant 567 cubic inches.

  19. It sortof fills a niche of keeping up with people. It's just doing it increasingly poorly.

  20. Everyone needs to accept the federalist structure of our Constitution, which includes basically accepting the fact that other states may violate what you view as fundamental rights that are not enumerated in the Constitution, and not viewing such laws as justifying unconstitutional federal regulation.

  21. There are such things as unenumerated constitutional rights. Freedom of movement or the broad right to define how your children are brought up certainly qualify.

  22. So, I wonder if you would feel the same way about literally every partisan issue. Like, imagine making the argument you are making, but instead imagine that the issue at stake isn't abortion, but slavery. I'm not saying the ends justify the means or anything like that, it's just odd to suggest that there is a level of partisanship that is unacceptable regardless of what the goal of that partisan effort is.

  23. What interpretation of the 13th Amendment would allow chattel slavery?

  24. This is a hypothetical, I'm not suggesting chattel slavery as it previously existed would actually be enacted. Though the 13th amendment does allow for slavery to exist, which is why mass prison labor is a thing in the US.

  25. Even if I were to accept your hypothetical, I think the answer would be a firm no. There exists a way to outlaw slavery in your world by amending the constitution. This preserves balance of powers in a way that having the court grow to meet a specific policy end, legal reasoning be damned.

  26. What makes you think that a group of central planners in Washington are even remotely capable of figuring out which R&D is going to 'find the best manufacturing, food production, and consumption practices to prioritize reducing environment impact'? The amount of inputs and outputs involved in even relatively simple are so immensely complicated that no one individual can understand all of it. We need specialization in industries. We need some means of identifying what is and is not worth while at scale in the real world.

  27. So you must renounce to your orgasms to have those wonderful things? I have it all now but if someday i find something's missing i wont stay in that relationship.

  28. Right. I’m not sure what the solution is other than forcing women to want more sex…?

  29. You can keep it in your pants and still get monkeypox. It isn't an STI

  30. By that argument, HIV is also not an STI because there are non-sexual means of getting it. Except the vast majority of cases do come from sexual activity in both cases.

  31. The fact that you think their sex life should prevent us from using vaccines in the most logical manner to keep it from spreading to the general public is illogical. They are easily the highest risk and should get access first. It’s for the good of literally everyone.

  32. Should we have prioritized smokers in the COVID vaccination releases?

  33. Crooked Still’s “Still Crooked” album. In particular, the track “Little Sadie.” Showed me things I never knew were possible on cello.

  34. Looking back, I'm still not sure which of the Haas sisters I found first. It was only years later that I realized that Brittney Haas of Crooked Still and Hawktail was the sister of Natalie Haas of all of those recordings with Alasdair Fraser.

  35. Kind of exactly the thing I was complaining about. "Someone let some air out of your tires? Bash their head in with a bat". What a reasonable response. God I hate it here

  36. You only get to bash their head in with a bat if they try to fight back: You don't get to use any force against someone who's surrendering.

  37. How nice of you to clarify that somewhat important point after you said you should be able to fuck them up cause they're the "aggressor"

  38. How nice of you to presume my stance even after I stated otherwise.

  39. No, you don't. Boycotting the comedian isn’t cancel culture. Boycotting the venue is cancel culture. It's going beyond "I don't want to hear this" to "Nobody should be permitted to hear this".

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