1. Did they give you a second dose of the miso? I was told if I didn’t have bleeding within 4 hours of the miso to take a second dose. You might want to call wherever you went.

  2. Yes, I also took the 2nd dose and still nothing. I called them but they told me to wait and told me get up and have my body jolt. btw I got the meds illegally because it's punishable by law in our country. I'm confused and afraid. I don't know what to do.

  3. The seller who supplied me with the meds, I'm starting to think the meds are fake. 😐

  4. My boyfriend is chatting with a guy/gay that he met while riding a tryk home. I feel kinda uncomfortable.

  5. Can't even remember the last time that I'm happy. But pretty sure none this year.

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