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  1. If I chop both of my legs off, I'll still weigh more. Probably

  2. Doom and Quake would probably be the only ones.

  3. It's been Vampire Survivors recently. But all time it's got to be Warframe.

  4. Thanks for the replies. I'm back to normal after beating the new boss.

  5. Dumb question, how do you avoid taking weapons from level ups? I thought it made you choose, other than limited use skips.

  6. You can limit the number of weapon slots in the new patch. From 6 all the way down to 1

  7. The Galactic Empire. Obviously

  8. Now with nowhere to go for a detour.

  9. It's like half the subreddit will have their PC explode if they hit quit

  10. Tried that yesterday. It hurt physically so much I'm, still shaking. :D

  11. NGL, I was expecting the side panel to pop off and shatter.

  12. What are the conditions to trigger the white death?

  13. So from someone from the US, I will explain it. the date system is based on how you would write the date out grammatically. For example, March 24th, 2023. instead of 24th March, 2023.

  14. Say hello to "The 4th of July"

  15. Whenever I get to the 32min mark my game starts to zoom in and a grey death walks at me and insta kills me. I have no idea why it happens and can never make it past 32 minutes.

  16. Grey Death appears after you kill the Reaper. It's just an endgame animation you're locked into. It's unavoidable.

  17. Dude, I just used your strategy and had the run of a lifetime. Can't thank you enough for the knowledge.

  18. You're welcome. Spread the fun :)

  19. Garlic. Of course it's Garlic. It's always Garlic. :D

  20. Vampire Survivors. But not sure other than that.

  21. The goal is to survive until 30 minutes, after which the games starts spawning

  22. How do you even survive one reaper? I must be missing something because they instantly move on top of me and proceed to do unfathomable damage per second.

  23. Laurel and Lancet are a must when you're trying to survive Reapers. Just keep playing. Soon enough you'll be farming Reapers for their drops :D

  24. I'm triggered by the way that onion gets cut, that person gonna lose a finger soon.

  25. Ah, so I'm not the only one who found this uncomfortable :D

  26. protip: diable TPM in the bios so windows think your computer is not ready for win11 and it'll leave you on win10 without ever showing you a popup or whatnot

  27. Or just never upgrade to GPT :D MBR for life!

  28. Thanks but this is the 3rd one recommending

  29. it's run by idiots (in cars). The sub is all about the mods.

  30. This feels like a quote from a Monty Python sketch. Where's it from?

  31. afaik it's an old Irish joke

  32. Elite dangerous needs to be on that list. (It’s even better with VR)

  33. Honestly, I have 10 hours in it and I just couldn't take it anymore. 30 minutes of travel for 2 minutes of action, rinse and repeat.

  34. I've never seen any security at the RyanAir terminal. They're all at or around the main entrance. I guess no one wants to walk all the way over there, not even gards

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