1. This was me once. My partner had her friends over and one of them spent the night. We had blink cameras throughout the house that was activated by movement. Well, everyone went to sleep but I was still up because I worked the late shift and had to leave shortly. I get a notification that there’s movement in the living room on the couch and what do I see? My gf friend masturbating openly for the camera, genitalia and all. She was stifling her moans but I’m sure they could be heard. I went to the bathroom and we ended up cumming at the same time. My partner at the time never knew, her friend never knew, and I still get turned on by it.

  2. Mine happened when I was in 8th grade. Parents had left the house so I went out to the living room and bluetoothed my phone to the TV. Partway through I hear a couple bangs on my front door, and in one motion, stand up and pull my pants up. I ran to the front door to look through the glass and just caught the UPS man getting into his truck and leaving. I know they usually run back to their truck but that man hauled ass, and to this day I’m convinced he saw me through the glass.

  3. I got it for preordering OW1 as well and I still have it in OW2 🤷‍♀️

  4. I didn’t and neither did my friend. It’s just not even in the hero gallery. I remember a lot of people on this sub complaining about the same thing when the game launched as well

  5. I don't know why you're downvoting me, I'm not saying you're lying. I'm just saying I still have it so I don't know what the deal is. I don't think they should bring it back for free like you said though, since it was an exclusive thing for preorders. They should just fix it for the people who are supposed to have it but don't.

  6. My bad I just saw I got downvoted and you were the only one that responded so I thought it was you. I would be fine if they fixed it too, it would make more sense than making it free. I just don’t trust Blizzard to fix anything like that at this point.

  7. Apparently they bathed once a week, still better than nothing ig

  8. Only one attendant working. He can’t handle more than what I see are 4 pumps at a time.

  9. This entire problem could be solved if New Jersey just let people pump their own gas. It’s a stupid outdated law

  10. The double dink is sooo satisfying though. Also killing flankers with your kick.

  11. I started playing Zen a few days ago and this is so fun. As mercy I’m constantly running from flankers but as Zen I practically beg for someone to try to 1v1 me. I just got the Rapid Discord achievement today and I think I found my new main

  12. Imagine it's like playing a young obi wan. He wasn't a force prodigy, just average at best. He was tenacious as hell and was smarter than his opponents though. I love characters that demonstrate that you don't need talent, you just need to work hard and never stop growing. Too many characters now are OP just because they were born special; makes for boring characters and getting diced up like Anakin.

  13. I never really thought about that similarity but I love it. Obi Wan has always been my favorite specifically because he’s not super strong in the force. He’s average at best, but he adapted and learned how to more than make up for it in other ways. Mastering the defensive lightsaber style, constantly trying to use the force in novel or creative way, and just being mentally sound both in wits and fortitude. Thank you for this comparison because it makes Cal an even better character than I originally thought

  14. I just beat it for the second time. What do I play next that is similar. I like that the game is linear and has meditation check points, so if I only want to play for ten minutes I can get to the next check point and call it good.

  15. Definitely a step up in difficulty but the meditation system is very similar to the bonfires from Dark Souls/Elden Ring/Sekiro/Bloodeborne. The combat is a little more difficult and clunkier but Sekiro has somewhat similar mechanics based on parrying and swordplay. The save points in those games all work similarly to meditation points, you save there, regenerate health and healing items, and upgrade your character, all enemies also respawn whenever you rest at one

  16. As a cancer I tend to be way too forgiving. I have an Aries best friend and she’s exact opposite so we try to balance eachother out. I usually put up with peoples shit for way too long because tbh I don’t value my own feelings over others feelings and it’s something I need to work on. But I will give people a million chances, and usually after literal months or years one incident will happen and I’ll just immediately cut all contact and never think about that person again. It’s a pattern I have, I like to think my cancer placements just keep giving people chances and eventually my aquarius placements take over and just look for a reason to cut someone off atp

  17. God damn that’s some serious bloat. With a barrel belly like that she really needs to lay off the box wine and xanax.

  18. It's been like this since 2020. People don't care about the limited-time competitive modes anymore and won't play them, so you can get top 500 in them just by being diamond. Quite the contrast from the first season of lucioball and ctf where top 500 was 4200 SR...

  19. All my friends are new to the game and they just don’t enjoy CTF. We play all the arcade modes but capture the flag is just terrible in my opinion.

  20. Games are meant to be fun but OW2 is more like a daily chore and if you don't you'll get fomo.

  21. Idk, it feels pretty easy to not care about missing out in this game. Blizzard has no respect for the consumer so I really don’t care how cool a skin they release is, I’m not going to grind menial challenges or fork over cash for it and I won’t feel like I missed out and neither should anyone else. Experiencing FOMO with this game is like getting FOMO when the high schools bullies picked a different kid to pick on that day

  22. I have a deep hatred for this song! One time our plane landed at the airport but we were delayed connecting to the airport it’s self. We spent about 2 hours waiting for a gate to open while we sat on the plane with nowhere to go. This was the song they played on loop while you were supposed to get off. Fuck scoot airlines!

  23. Oh god, I have something similar except it was just being locked in a car while my mom played this song every other song. I liked it at first but after the 20th time in a row I can’t stand it. She did the same thing with a Mumford and sons song, her hyper fixation on one song at a time is insane, and annoying when the rest of us have to suffer through it lol

  24. Oh god I was hoping I’d never have to hear this song again

  25. The Micheal Bay Transformers, the first 3 at least. 4 and 5 were too bad to even enjoy but the first 3 hit this really nice middle ground where they are obviously terrible movies but some of the humor feels really self aware and all of the CG looks really good even today. The story is always super basic so you can just turn off your brain and laugh at some jokes and watch giant robots fight eachother.

  26. Dude went fuckin primal on it. He called on humanities ancestors to deliver that beat down

  27. I don’t think Winston beats doom 1v1. He does beat reaper though lore and in game.

  28. Winson doesn’t beat reaper in game, reaper can self heal off his damage done to winston so he effectively does almost no damage to reaper

  29. Ya, Activision-Blizzard has definitely taken EA’s place as the big bad. It’s like Activision became what everyone thought EA would turn into. I think EA has done a pretty good job these last 5 or 6 years

  30. I was actually required to read the book in middle school, it was a pretty common assignment in NYC public schools. I don’t think it’s fair to list it as a banned book when it’s considered a fundamental book for public schoolers in some parts of the country.

  31. I went to school in wisconsin and it was one of the options we had to do a book report on in middle school. That book hit me pretty hard as a kid

  32. I can understand what they are trying though, I too am sick of being hunted.

  33. Lol same here. Usually play mercy but if I’m being hunted I’ll switch to zen and hang back. They gotta respect the damage you can output

  34. It’s kinda weird but almost all my relationships were with air signs, and a random Taurus. But all of my best friends are fire or water signs. I think I like the excitement and general air of fun that air signs bring for relationships, but can’t deal with a lot of the flakiness for friendships. I like the emotional connections I can form with fire and water signs, and they almost always become my closest and most consistent friends. My current best friends are an Aries, Scorpio, and a Sag. It almost seems backwards but I prefer the fun for relationships, and stability and emotional connection for friendships

  35. Oh. Gotcha. I didn't really get that guy's point. Nobody 'came after' the old boxer or tried to fight him or assumed he couldn't fight. The old boxer sucker punched someone.

  36. I could see it kinda being a sucker punch, but that dude that got laid out had already punched another security guard. I feel like at that point it’s one group vs another, no sucker punches. Dude and his group were yelling and trying to pick a fight with every bouncer except the big dude. They got physical first and continued to escalate the altercation, and then fucknuts who got laid out had to was going straight to The Hulk pointing and shouting at him. After you escalate an altercation and get physical you don’t get to just go around screaming and decide the fights over. If he would’ve started all the bs and then just walked away before the bouncer got to the point he hit him this wouldn’t have happened, but he had to start a fight and not finish it. They started that fight and refused all the bouncers attempts to end it, until one finally did.

  37. It was 100% a sucker punch. Not saying the guy didn't have it coming or anything. Yes he was yelling at people, no he wasn't engaging the guy who hit him from behind. The fact that he shoved someone else doesn't mean that someone else hitting him from behind isn't a sucker punch.

  38. Did we watch the same video? Dude turned straight towards the bouncer and took at least 5 full steps still yelling at him. If I just saw my friend or coworker get hit by a guy a minute ago and that same dude turns and starts walking towards me still yelling, I’m absolutely going to swing. Just because you don’t have your hands up doesn’t mean it’s a sucker punch. If some crazy asshole is walking straight towards you yelling after he’s already gotten physical with others and after you’ve already tried to calm him down, and you hit him, it’s absolutely not a sucker punch. The fight was still on, and until everyone stopped yelling and pushing or just walked away it was going to continue until someone did something.

  39. What year were you at Badger cause my mom is an English teacher there so I wanna know if you’ve had her

  40. I was there from around 2016-2020. What year did your mom teach?

  41. Do you know Mrs. Hansen. She is still teaching there

  42. Unfortunately not, my sister goes there currently and said she knows her though

  43. Been playing online sporadically for 3 months and only just discovered the wheel today.

  44. You never know. I feel like there’s a technique to it because I win the car almost everytime in the first day. Whenever the cars position is directly next to or two away from where the wheel starts, I’ll spin it the opposite way with a lot of force and it’s either stupid good luck or there’s a slight technique. Either way a lot of the rewards you can get are pretty decent, I’ll never turn down 15k rp or some free cash

  45. The only possible reason I have come up to is that they want the new hero to be broken, so that new people will get bored and quickly buy her.

  46. And even in lower ranks she’s still pretty damn good. I’m a silver DPS, silver Tank, and platinum Support and it feels like sojourn still wreaks havoc against metal ranks. I think she doesn’t get focused on because most low ranks players have more trouble against Junk, Mei, Sym, and even Bastion. But she still absolutely tears shit up in low ranks, it seems like most low rank players don’t realize how much damage her grenade does. And a lot of low ranks players play cover poorly, so by the time they’re ducking back into cover sojourn has probably already dealt over half their health and has an easy railgun finish. Sojourn is great at every rank and absolutely busted in the hands of anyone decent at the game but just gets overshadowed in the low ranks by worse heroes who just happen to be extremely effective in those ranks

  47. That is a 38 year olds room? Jesus Christ I’m 20 and most of my friends are at the point where this seems excessive lol. This looks like the room of a high schooler or college kid that tried weed a week ago and made it their whole personality. But they also say no drugs so who knows? They could just really like the shitty stoner aesthetic, or they’re one of those idiots that say weed isn’t a drug

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