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  1. I must apologize for this post, I made it to vent about the Zephyrus that got Golden Brann and perfect Amalgadon on turn 8 and spammed cows the whole game

  2. Well Qliphort Scout's corresponding Infernoid is Sjette, whose body contained Shaddoll Construct, feeding it dark energy and evolving into El Shaddoll Construct. So in a way, Scout can become an anime girl.

  3. Awesome idea. Love the use of magnets as feet for a walking Magnemite final Evo. Magneloche feels like he needs some touch ups though, a fit body feels like it goes against Magnemite's design philosophy. He is just a ball covered in magnetic objects. Maybe think of larger, yet simply designed magnetic objects as his body. Or maybe he doesn't even have a body, rather the orb that used to be Magnemite's body act as a "core" to 4 other floating pieces acting as hands and feet. Him being ripped is still really funny, and you could go in that direction if you can make it sleeker.

  4. Has anyone else experienced a softlock in Virbank? I've done everything there (gym, plasma fight and previous route plasma grunt, brycen battle, Brawly battle and even the first pokestar movie), but I can't progress past that point. Roxie and the Pop Roxie dude are outside near the port, but they can't be interacted with at all. Pretty sure I need to be able to talk with them so Pop Roxie dude can go inside and take me to Castelia, but they won't talk or play out their event no matter what angle I speak to them from. FWIW I'm playing on my 3DS via TwilightMenu. I'm positive I'm not missing anything else I need to do?

  5. There's a Team Plasma fight in the route west of Virbank. Beating them will start an encounter with Brycen that should progress the game after doing it.

  6. Yeah, that's what I meant by previous route plasma grunt. A few people on Twitter have had the same issue as me so hopefully it's something that'll get fixed.

  7. Ah, my bad. I read the stuck in Virbank part and rushed in to say "but what about that grunt and Brycen?" because I was lost as to what to do next, I found the grunt, and my "softlock" was gone. Hope they patch in a fix.

  8. And here you have a nice beautiful town, looks great with the updated graphics. And if you look over here on the left we have the all consuming white void which is currently eating Route 29.

  9. I wonder if bringing Arcane cannon back would help or would it just let more snowbally heroes go even further.

  10. hey man i may be crazy enough to want leapfrogger to be meta again but lets not be too crazy

  11. What’s the buff for Honcho? Also a „random“ Added or what is it? :)

  12. Same for Party, he can give himself health now, so if he's the only Murloc and you play a second there will always be 2 Murlocs buffed.

  13. Ehther the Heavenly Squire and Eidos the Underworld Squire would each put their hand on each shoulder and convince me to either play safe and consistent or risky and flashy

  14. Gods do have summing animations guys what the heck Are you talking about

  15. You can search for unique summon cut-ins in the deck builder and the Egyptian Gods are not in that category.

  16. You can't just not post evos, I need to see the unholy amalgam of my favorite Pokemon and Combusken.

  17. While I'm thinking about it theres also level 16 flare in FF2 but idk how to quantify that.

  18. Flare level 1 is just Flare. Flare level 2 is Deka Flare. Mega Flare is Flare level 5. Giga Flare is Flare level 8. Flare level 16 is Peta Flare. Zetta Flare is a level 22 Flare.

  19. How would that scale with the -ra/-ga levelling they have in FF and KH?

  20. Well the suffix system was introduced in FF8, before that spell tiers were just "Fire2" or "Thunder3". The spell powers in KH are not as drastic as they seem in FF, so a Firaga in KH is like Hectofire, while in FF those spells look more like a Megafire.

  21. Was expecting the thread to have several colored handkerchiefs attached to it

  22. For as much shit Fire Emblem has gotten for being in Smash, were it not for Brawl I probably wouldn't have fallen in love with the series.

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