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  1. My W541 has an Intel Dual Band 7260AC that would do the same thing and at first, it was sporadically, like I could go 10 months between issues, then it became more and more frequent. I finally found a driver from around 2016 that worked, but that doesn't really concern you. What I ultimately had to do was just get a new wireless card - I found one on Amazon in January 2022 and have been issue free since and it only cost me $25.

  2. Hi jrpentland, having the same issue due to discontinuation of the AC7260 support from Intel - thought I would reach out for some advice.

  3. What a legend! :) Thank you for the detailed and informative reply - much appreciated.

  4. Cheers OP - could you post these top mentions regularly? Very helpful

  5. Thanks for posting the context, Marco - She was a delight and I will miss her...

  6. I get that this^ is a meme - but if you remove the 2 images on the bottom-right of the Polestar 5 supercar - the rest look rather average to be fair... :)

  7. Whoop whoop! We are in it, together! GLTA!!!

  8. If Prediction #1^^ does come around and you end up on CNBC one bright sunny morning for an investors take, just remember to give the reddit crew here a shout out 😊

  9. well done. OP :) the sheer layers of friendly joshing and subtle shade in this post is impressive

  10. I don’t know. I’m into PSFE, it de-SPAC last March. Their 2nd quart had them up 6.6 mil revenue (which would suggest β€œreal company”) and they still tanked down to 8$ πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ₯²

  11. Yes, dumping dirty whore GSAH for my new girl PeTRA.

  12. Lol, I like PTRA too - seems like the baby is being thrown out with the bathwater on that one

  13. A lot of the SPACs have 1.25 to 1.5yrs left to the redemption deadline and are trading around 9.65... many yield 2.5%+ annualized... and many will announce and close deals sooner, so u might only need to hold them 6 months which will increase the annualized return.... agree that nothing is popping anymore, but there's still a non-zero chance that they could..

  14. Agree ^ - but lots of other variables coming into the mix as well - opp. cost of holding, seasonality, lawsuits, lack of good targets remaining, fed taper etc etc

  15. And its going to end with no SPARC deal and him returning the money anyways with warrants holders getting fucked....Thanks Bill

  16. Who would've thunk that being able to capital outraise every other SPAC in existence would become a liability?

  17. Hahaha 😊 (looks down at own portfolio....whoa whoa....this is actually not quite as amusing...)

  18. It is hard. A beautiful friend died prematurely in London last night. I will take over legal whatever of her children. She was a mod/ska/hipster before we even knew what a hipster was. Her Vespas and 1940s Ramblerzs were legendary in SF. Aesthetically committed, she sported a pale white bleach blond blunt bang cut, before folks even knew that was edgy or modern.

  19. Sounds like she lived life her way, and is remembered for it :) Most of us might but aspire to reach such a plane..

  20. Haha - made me chuckle too :) This^ cat is next level - most just collect treats

  21. 6% gains on warrants is my trademark move. Every penny counts.

  22. These would be perfect to reaffirm my confirmation-biased tunnel vision 😊 Ordered off Amazon - thanks DIY :)

  23. Clearly he didn't plan the fraudulent promotions himself - there were at least a handful of enablers who plugged the electric truck into a wall charger, towed it up the hill, pushed it off said hill, filmed the sequence, published and marketed the content to unsuspecting shareholders who were buying this hot mess at $90/share etc etc

  24. Haha 😊 Gave me a good chuckle^ - still, sometimes life is about the ride and the lessons learned..

  25. Ya, not to be shitty, because it is all cool, but I read it as Elon was subtly thinking the other two were not real players, but cheezy interlopers without genius synthetic science mind cred. ;D

  26. This^ 😊 Space-X is much like Amazon considering a new local retail competitor opening in the neighborhood, given how much further along they are.

  27. That incredulous expression on Elon's face subtly juxtaposed by the cheez-its. Classic.

  28. Haha 😁 Couldn't resist^ - But sadly, would it be that far-fetched to imagine a conversation between the 3 protagonists going much differently?...

  29. Buying pre DA warrants $2 AND $3 and above in Feb was silly we can all agree on that. Buying pre DA warrants under $1 now is not it has risk to go down of course but do we think SPACland will become deader than it was in May and June? Possible, but risk reward right now with pre DA warrants with respectable teams/sponsors/serial SPACS offers the optionality of 20-50% gain without DA and 100% or more with a DA.

  30. The beauty of the market is that people will repeat the exact same mistakes..over and over, ..and over again

  31. This is one accounts' top gainers. I hold 107 different positions, most still pre-DA.

  32. Nice work :) there is a whole different discussion to be had about diversification vs portfolio concentration and maximizing gains, but either way, ROI is nothing to sneeze at.

  33. No Spitting. And I mean it. Also, Why are spacs so well dressed? I thought we were all eating ramen? Maybe that is just me. ;D

  34. It's all those pretty, well-put-together investor decks we get on 'DA' :)

  35. Ya, just fancy stuff getting smacked down by the valuation sheriff(s) in town. lol. Always love your memes. Different and smart.

  36. Too kind :) Btw, for anyone that doesn't recognize the video clip - its from the buddy-comedy Western 'Trinity is still my name' (circa 1971) starring the loveable rogues Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill

  37. She's a beauty and keeper. My best friend has some tricked out Volvo EV hybrid SUV, that thing is serious quality. Just elegant. I drove old used $3K Bimmers with 250k Mile on them for 30 years because of the thunk when I closed the door, solid AF. See previous posts about Texaco Tanker Tangos, have totaled many cars in my day. I'm all about safety in my nine lives. I may or may not have a velocity problem, but I'm from out west and when we get rural the speed limit is an option. This iteration of Volvo is rocking it, undeniably future forward, too. Yet, I now suspect that this Polestar thang is a real gem, loved Slammerbar's historical context posts, you should check that out, too. Simply cannot see anything wrong with believing in this one, and that is coming from the resident GingkoHound, who always denotes bias, but is hopeful in a sketchy way. The Polestar is a better play right now, in a weird way, for a year or two. Still thinking, but like what I'm seeing.

  38. Agree - massive trading volumes and $26B market cap as well. Primary risk of course is that lots of Circle's services bleed into banking territory and is just begging to be regulated.

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