1. The reporter says the grieving mother literally requested not to share the irrelevant and intimate struggles of son a minor who was going thru the adolescent human experience. She goes and stalks the mother's social media to find anything to damage the reputation of her dead child. This is a fucking hate crime. Can we please hold this station accountable

  2. Lol, you need a reality check. Was it innapropriate, yes. A violation of privacy, possibly. But a hate crime? What are you smoking?

  3. Probably shouldn’t have 8,000,000 people living in the desert.

  4. Maybe educate yourself on the topic before providing your shitty oppinions.

  5. Wild times when Americans are having to legislate to protect human rights from their own highest court.

  6. Getting impregnated and being pregnant are two entirely different things. Consenting to sex does not automatically mean consenting to 9 months of pregnancy. You can take birth control, use condoms, have an IUD, but there’s always that rare chance it doesnt work. An accident is not consent. A broken condom isnt a contract.

  7. Consenting to skydiving doesn't mean consenting to hitting the pavement at terminal velocity but it's a risk regardless.

  8. Then leave, stop crying like a baby about it. Move to California or some shit and see how better off you are.

  9. They write songs about people being murdered for the land and rights, not songs about morons who don't trust science. That's Insane Clown Posse, ask them how magnets work.

  10. Where were these people when forced covid vaccination was a thing?

  11. Cop: Shows up at protest Protester: Spits at cop Cop: Pushes protestor away and says "Don't do that. Back off" Redditors: POLICE BRUTALITY!!!!

  12. Nice escalation. Wasn't there for more than 30 seconds before he started shoving folks.

  13. So we're just going to pretend the person in orange didn't spit at the cop? That's what initiated the whole thing.

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