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  1. As a neurosurgeon with 20 years of experience, ackchyually, everyone is stupid except me, because I fucked 2 lesbians that were curious about sex with a man 1 year ago.

  2. Just sort runes by obtained. Bam the 8 recent runes will be all there for easy examination and/or selljng

  3. This feature has been a blessing. Been using it since they introduced it.

  4. What’s the country’s overall view on LGBTQ+ like?

  5. McDonald’s in Australia is magical too. Actual good, not just decent, and quite consistent.

  6. I thought this was underwater for a hot second.

  7. This is the mental image I had when I first heard this song in the game haha.

  8. Same. I attended primary school in the 80’s and early 90s and always Captain Cook was made out to be a hero and we learnt about dream time stories. Every reality was removed from the teaching until I got to about year 10 in high school. But still it was very watered down. I hope we do better than that now. It can be tough to hear, but children need awareness. Will be interesting as my son progresses through primary school to see what he learns.

  9. I work in outside school hour care and we touch on Terra Nullius and the stolen generation with the children, ensuring the content is age appropriate. We don’t shy away from talking about both the good and bad about australia and it’s history. Hopefully this is a trend and not an anomaly.

  10. In Australia we are allowed to posses firearms but we have to go through a rigorous process which involves background checks and a practical and paper test at the range. Then if we pass that we obtain our firearms license. I can link the the urls for firearms in my state (Queensland) if you want to check it out.

  11. Cant you just waltz into the local Kmart or target for a gun mate?

  12. I acknowledge this makes me a grumpy dick but I'm so glad someone else spotted the staging and also got grumpy about it.

  13. I got pissed off initially too, but then who tf would have taken a photo like this back then? No good phone cameras, no social media, this kind of photo simply wouldn’t exist back then other than for advertising purposes.

  14. My favorite part of being an educator is trying to decide whether to save other people's kids or to save myself for my own kid. Exactly what I signed up for.

  15. As a left leaning non US citizen who does not share your enthusiasm for guns, I’m actually really for more guns and arming teachers with guns now because why the fuck not. Something needs to change and it’ll be interesting to see if it works. I have no stake in this anyway and it’ll be a really cool social experiment.

  16. Comments in this thread are giving such a huge justice boner right now. Fuck yeah, stop focusing on your differences and unite.

  17. Also if you want to look at muslims individually, you've to look at unvaccinated individually because not every unvaccinated person poses the same threat.

  18. I’ve just replied to your other comment, and this is another example of how a public health issue is being compared directly with a political issue.

  19. There is no question in your post, just a statement which I have touched on - it’s like comparing peaches to bananas as we’re viewing the issues with different perspectives.

  20. It was hard to see him as anything but his garbage government but when he did that it made me remember that he is a person too

  21. That’s the way mate. Empathy is a good thing. We need to remember not to be fanboys of politicians but judge them based on their policies.

  22. How to deal with single target teams in rta? Dark chimera mo long comes to mind.

  23. I am suprised... i thought everybod will say lushen o.O

  24. Me too. I wonder what’s changed. Maybe abellio?

  25. Double lushen is not as hot as I thought these days.

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