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  1. You WERE a moron, and maybe not, you were a kid doing kid stuff.

  2. Let's not make light of someone getting shot and killed irl ok

  3. ITT: people calling OP anti-social for this opinion, showing how obvious it is that they themselves don't know that "fuck off" is a pretty general term for "go away".

  4. After a shower it’s just the smell of soup and not a whole lot else. Whiffing it in just feels like you are doing the nose equivalent of licking a plate clean to get every morsel of flavor. It’s just a little excessive, gross, and weird. It’s like relax dude it’s just a vagina.

  5. Last sentence a smart way to put it, i couldn't think of it. It's the desperation, the greed, the weird desire, etc. No offense to anyone.

  6. some babies hold their breath when they get distraught and knock themselves out. she's reacting like a baby

  7. One thing that I've learned I do is hold my breath. Rocket league, darts, stressful football games, thinking deeply, playing guitar (to the point where I'll record myself and hear my short, sharp, and on-beat breaths). It's not always bad, but I've been trying to practice breathing exercises to help reduce anxiety and situational stress. It does help. This is mostly irrelevant but there you go.

  8. well first we need to run some tests to make sure you're not actually six babies in a trench coat. if you pass, id like you to strap into this here centrifuge. just do your breathing thing when you start pulling major g's. you might have promising career in the air force yet

  9. Okay how do I prove I'm not six babies in a trench coat?

  10. We live in the darkest timeline. I think the split occurred when Trump doubled down on the “grab’em by the pussy” comment. We ended up in the Evil-Spock universe and someone else went on to ice cream and unicorns.

  11. As an owner of both the Reverb G2 and the Quest 2.... just get the Quest 2. The Reverb G2 just has way too many drawbacks to justify itself.

  12. Quest 2 is still on sale at some retailers (Best Buy, Amazon) for $350 + Beat Saber and Resident Evil 4.

  13. A well thought out and detailed reply, thank you! I actually might get a Quest 2 if the pack comes with those games (BS I know is fun and RE4 is a nice bonus).

  14. I guess I fall in the Opinion-Bros group. There could've been more groups, in my honest opinion.

  15. Thank you for pointing out the caloric implications. I honestly get so tired of hearing people screech about "carbs bad" and "it's the bread and sugar!" when in reality the biggest issue for almost everyone is the amount of calories they eat, not the macromolecule breakdown of their diet.

  16. As a skinny person who tells this to people a lot, you'd maybe be amazed how much I hear "no I don't ever eat so why I can't I lose weight, it's gotta be insert random thing". No it's calories.

  17. Fuck this has me dying and then OP is OP God damn I'm laughing

  18. But he didn’t tell the guy to “go suck a dick” or “to get fucked”, he said he “never did shit but eat dick”.

  19. “all they’ve ever done is eat dick” which a lot worse than the “eat a dick” spin people are trying to put on this.

  20. Idk man I don't think it's that simple. I'm not saying it's one way or another, however how many possibilities are there for either side? Maybe he uses the phrase "all you ever do is [blank]" in his common life for some reason.

  21. My dumbass win 10 pc does this sometimes. Last I checked it was because I'm sleeping it and it's doing something network related

  22. By that metric, Chicago would never lose a game.

  23. stinkspiritt, did you make this thing last night so you'd have a video to show?

  24. Can't read what her lips are saying but you might be right

  25. The playcall on 3rd and 1 sucked, but the decision to not go for it also sucks. You can't leave teams like this 30 seconds to score a fg with one of the league's worst defenses

  26. I am not a Lions fan but fwiw I go deep like they did and then go for it on 4th. Whether the first play was good or not I think it was a solid idea because you might score or get much closer, but if not then a 4th and 1 is worth it with the clock and team your playing.


  28. I mean at least you can upgrade yours to gold. I have a full gold set of equipment with none of my S tier stuff, because I only have singles.

  29. Call me crazy but I used the gold S belt to make my gold Stylish belt +1.

  30. Can I support your charity? The Amir Blumenfeld Foundation for Not Giving a Shit?

  31. But couldn’t possessed victim walk around and find someone else to get. That happened at the gas station

  32. Yeah that's the vibe I got. Like if you didn't kill yourself or lock yourself in something you could never escape, then it's going to find a way to have a witness.

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