1. I set out to do this but decided that I couldn’t live without the 60degree roof sections. So I emailed IronGate and they said steeper roofs are on the list at a lower priority, but they’re aware

  2. I waited a long time to build it because of the roof and the lack of options for different angles but we may never even get it. So I gave it a try and was close enough.

  3. Heck yeah, I’ll probably give up and do the same soon

  4. My buddy was one of the three founders of Squatch

  5. Why is this interesting as fuck

  6. Found one :) thanks for the tip

  7. My friend, this is ski mountaineering. No one signs up to fall, he can scream all he wants, leave him fucking be

  8. Makes sense, there’s more product in a lite ice order

  9. “What’s that Jim? You got numb tongue? Oh I can fix that”

  10. This was from a four day, 40 mile solo trip during the last week of summer last year. A small section of this trip overlaps with the Four Pass Loop, so that was a relatively crowded shitshow, but once I got off that trail, I hardly saw any people. Clear skies every night, perfect weather, no bugs.

  11. I’ve done a lot of off-trail on the Elks, but never in the Bells Wilderness. Mind sharing your route? Id love to get away from the 4-pass Disney land.

  12. I can confirm Ultium Cells is sending Redwood some materials

  13. I’d bet no reps in car is a COVID policy that will die

  14. They’re not homophobic. They’re following the Bible. That’s the problem that we need to focus on.

  15. So this is why The Expanse refers to zero-g drink holders as ‘bulbs’

  16. “Hook, line, and sinker” means that they took your bait and ate the hook, the line, and the sinker but that’s not what’s happening here

  17. 34M - Venture Capital Associate, working remotely: $108k starting

  18. How do you hold the lassoed animal without running out of stamina? I forgot the control

  19. Not an arborist, but an avid fan of this sub - if you want your next tree to thrive, change your lawn practice. There are lots of posts here explaining why your setup leads to tree failure.

  20. Hopefully different than this anti-woke bullshit he’s on lately

  21. I’ve read his biography and seen many hours of interview footage. Plus if you watch the starbase tour you’ll see he’s the real thing from a smartness standpoint

  22. The reason the dishwasher drain goes all the way up on the right is because it's a high loop. For more information on that see here:

  23. Aha, so the AAV isn't installed! That's likely what's causing the smell. Sorry, it looked like an AAV was already installed in that stack in the photo, so I didn't think to call it out for checking. Yep, the AAV needs to thread into the top of the main/sink stack.

  24. You are AMAZING. I learned a lot from reading this. Thank you so much!!!!!

  25. Came for the Snatch quotes and wasn’t disappointed

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