1. My guess is Maxim Lapierre. Big looping 'M' and the style of the '40' looks similar based on image searches.

  2. My girlfriend makes them direct by order but doesn't do any and all cakes. She just started an IG for it but doesn't have much up there yet.

  3. Not what you are asking, but I think it’s relevant because this is Flea’s answer:

  4. You’d either have to post to Imgur or someplace and post a link, or make a separate post. I’m not sure you can post a photo as a comment

  5. I don’t remember that one at all. I like it. It gives off strong fanclub vibes

  6. Agreed, make me think of Death of Martian/Stadium Arcadium though.

  7. This is from the fanclub hat contest in 2006-2007

  8. Always wear earplugs to concerts, sporting Events, mowing your lawn. Protect your hearing, folks.

  9. why are they closing? every time i’ve gone there it’s been pretty busy. the food and beer are delicious and their outdoor seating areas all felt chill and cozy. i thought that place would’ve been a goldmine.

  10. I’m there almost every week, and it’s always pretty busy. Maybe the income wasn’t enough for the renovation costs? They put a ton of work into that building. I hate to see it close.

  11. Definitely check it out this week before they close!

  12. I've always wonder what it would have been like if the Blues had brought in Panarin back in the day like Tarasenko had suggested to them.

  13. You’d probably get a lot of feedback posting a poll. “Did you enter lottery, and if so, how many times (since you could use more than one email) No Yes 1 entry Yes 2 entries Yes 3+ entries

  14. What an absolute beaut. How well does it play?

  15. It plays great. It’s a smaller bore than I’m used to, so it’s a bit harder to hit the low notes, but it sounds beautiful on the higher end.

  16. Look at the bell on that thang. Sweet horn man!

  17. I’ve never heard this before, but it’s great. You may have one of the deepest cuts out there!

  18. Holy crap I’m in your second photo lol - just barely. I’m behind that guy with the gray hat at the bottom right. Also probably the best show I’ve seen.

  19. Still probably the best result I’ve had from a GA ticket. In the circle, dead center, up against the railing so I had something to lean on. All that being said by the time they let us in there - that aluminum flooring they had put down over the field made that circle an oven. I was in pretty bad shape by the end of that show…just exhausted.

  20. I remember feeling completely drained. We got in our air conditioned car after the show, drove to a Steak n Shake, and my legs were like hello when getting out to walk into the restaurant.

  21. I have this horn! Get a Messina Covers gig bag. They are incredible. Custom fitted, and you can pick your own color/embroidery.

  22. You were right. We loved our tour. Thanks again for your thoughts.

  23. My son goes to Middletown United Methodist for preschool and we love it. He started last year in the 3s program and is currently in the 4s.

  24. Just once, and normally my rule is “try anything twice”, but with so many good spots in town going back was very low on my list.

  25. It is for someone who apparently has no idea what a dive bar is.

  26. Another vote for Common Haus. Good food and I think 18 beer taps. They have a small polka band every Friday 6-8pm too!

  27. If you really want to sell, post on Tubenet and be upfront about all damages. A better option is to call all repair people near you to see if they would buy it as is. The two repair guys in my city flip broken tubas a lot.

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