Been a terrible start to being 23, gf might leave me, bank account with .25 cents, depression kicking my ass, family being as distant as ever. All I have is GME and you apes. MOASS OR BUST

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  1. Had a dream last night it hit $150 in pre, by end of day was $380. Woke up with a big 'ole chubbie.

  2. Start workout. Physical health = mental health. Thats how i got out of depression

  3. Came here to say this. It's amazing what an hour of cardio and body weight exercises a day can do.

  4. PixellatedApollo. Has a bunch of TW content

  5. Way I heard it, is that there is a deeper, more desolate place than hell for especially bad/evil people.

  6. Really good for 3-4 months. I would work on knee bend at the line. You're very upright, which could be because of your height (just assuming you are taller from video).

  7. Picture yesterday/few days ago showing shares trading for over a million a piece on/in dark pools.

  8. My apologies. Took the "no pictures" a bit too to heart.

  9. I can’t tell if it’s level from the photo but my suggestion would be to use drywall mud to close the gap so you don’t have drafts from that area and if that looks halfway decent just live with it. Otherwise you could try taking a plunge cutter/oscillating tool to cut flush with the drywall and then drywall mud over it?

  10. Its not level, that's another fun part of it 🤦🏻‍♂️

  11. I had this problem last winter. That bathroom exhaust will go to the exterior of the home somewhere. You can just change the exterior exhaust cover. You can find them on Amazon and hardware stores. I was able to change mine out with a ladder and a screwdriver.

  12. Just had my roof replaced in September and they installed a new one. I'll have to look into it, thank you.

  13. Sounds like that might be the problem. I'll check it out, thanks.

  14. I find it weird to compare these characters as they seem pretty different from one another to me. Especially Jon vs Tommy and Ragnar.

  15. Tommy and Ragnar are essentially the same, just different era/setting and minor differences. Their rise to power is very similar, just slightly different for Ragnar since "power" wasn't his goal, just going west/finding his potential. Tommy wanted to expand his families influence/name.

  16. Ragnar is my favorite, the way Travis Fimmel played him was absolutely perfect to the way he talked to the way he made those subtle face expressions. My man carried that show. Jon snow would be second. Never seen peaky blinders

  17. Worth the watch for sure. Cillian does for Tommy what Travis did for Ragnar. Seriously good writting, too.

  18. All that matters is the now, the present.

  19. This is very interesting. They teach this in PTSD and ocd therapy. To be in the present as that matters rather than the past and future. Hence, past and futures create anxiety and dread. Pretty interesting concept! Thanks!!

  20. For sure! I know ptsd was a major theme in season 1, so it makes sense you made that connection!

  21. Me wanting another similar to Napoleon Total War 😭

  22. I want Empire 2 or Victoria Total War man :((

  23. An American Civil War one could be interesting. Have the North/South, some European factions (England/France), and some Native American factions. The campaign(s) would be sick, historic battles as well (Gettusburg, Antietam, Vicksburg to name a few).

  24. Wouldn't be uncommon for people to gather, say at a tavern, and listen as an individual(s) read aloud. I wouldn't be suprised if this happened in this case as well.

  25. Voted no. Why would I willingly let the people who are going to make fun of me into my home to look for shit to roast me about?

  26. I've learned over the last two years 🤣 but not how to charge my phone

  27. I tried to have enough for 741 post split, but apparently I'm worse at math than I thought 🤣

  28. Might be unpopular, but I'd love to see conflict between Bran and Jon/the Northmen. Jon having internal conflict between blood family ties and his Northern family.

  29. Yes. I hope it goes long enough where we can see Bran becoming a villain. He does have warg powers so this makes him a dual threat (as King and as the Raven).

  30. I thought about that too. Obviously, Bran would already be aware of the potential conflict. How would that play out? So many details that could make for an interesting story.

  31. Honestly I learned by getting my teeth kicked in. Five years later I'm still learning and getting my teeth kicked in from time to time.

  32. You did ?!? I’m thankful to hear that. I grew up in rural upstate NY and by the time I finished high school I had been to 5 different schools. We never had a single lesson on him. I’ve also never met anyone who has known or heard of him outside of my family.

  33. Had several lessons about him regarding weapons as well as his personal life in several US History classes as well as one or two world history classes.

  34. Uh, I definitely learned about Maxim in school.

  35. Personally just came back from Mansfield Reformatory (on Saturday). Really didn't experience anything that could NOT logically be explained (metal creaking/making noises, it was 25 degrees in the prison, metal shrinks and whatnot).

  36. yea no thanks to that have fun anyone with same curiosity regretted it later for sure

  37. Ironically no one else went in the room that night. The guide said that not a lot of people do, or are even aware of it due to the activity in the attic/chapel that is down the walkway.

  38. Napoleon is my all time favorite, but I also love Napoleonic warfare. Rome (2004) was my first, and holds a special place in my heart.

  39. I personally wouldn't but to each his own.

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