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  1. Move outside the city. Rio Rancho, Los Lunas, Corrales or Placitas (if you can afford it). Inside ABQ, stay north and east, like Tanoan.

  2. I'd just absolutely hate myself if I lived in Corrales and had to drive that road every day.

  3. This is...not good. It's fun to see old Strokes footage, but most of it was from the In Transit doc from back in the day.

  4. Went for The Strokes. Left 5 songs into the RHCP. They were so repetitive. The Strokes, however, sounded killer.

  5. That's right. Thomas Jefferson loved to go out and shoot AK's with his friends. Definitely lean on words from hundreds of years ago to figure out how we act today. Dumb.

  6. I made so much money off this fight. It was less than -300 a week before.

  7. Read a couple of things about him being in a jovial mood. It's time for a comeback. Also, isn't that theater just the best? Love that place.

  8. I wouldn't go to the wall defending it at the best of the year or anything, but I'm intrigued by a couple of fights.

  9. Tue, Aug 2nd would be 18 year anniversary of THE BROWN BUNNY Special Engagement at Landmark Century Cinema (w Nathan Rabin introduction)

  10. In casa Khamzat slips on a banana peel and knocks himself out?

  11. there was that one time Jon Jones almost lost to Chael Sonnen when he got his foot stuck in the side of the cage and broke his toe. Reoeat?

  12. Thermite doesn't work that way. Thermite has never, ever been used in controlled demolition. The WTC was not destroyed by controlled demolition, anyway, so it's a completely stupid point.

  13. well that does it. intersexy911 has solved all our problems!

  14. I used to want to get into the industry. Also completed CNM's Film Crew Technician certificate. Was on the overflow list for years and heard nothing ever.

  15. https://nmfilm.com/jobs-training/careers-in-film/crew-calls

  16. If they weren't great, they wouldn't be popping up everywhere, they'd be closing. That's how business works.

  17. that's not true at all. ever heard of a place called Dions?

  18. A Topiary by Shane Carruth. It was such a visual experience just reading it. Sadly, it will never get made.

  19. Well sadly, he's gone and gotten himself cancelled recently. Very deservedly so. But who knows. Mel Gibson's back in our lives. Anything's possible.

  20. You didn't mention number of people, budget or whether servers were wanted, so I'm just throwing this out there. El Pollo Loco. Decent, cheap, carryout food without any hassle or booking.

  21. I loved this idea except I don't see any loco's in Albuquerque.

  22. Ahh, they said they were moving into ABQ more than a year ago. Nothing yet?

  23. Shameless plug but I made a video essay on Sheridan a few years ago! Some of you who are interested in his work might appreciate it:

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