Succession - 4x10 "With Open Eyes" - Post Episode Discussion

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  1. Nico Parker is a great actress and I'm sure she'll do the role justice so I'm very happy that they cast her and this makes me even more excited for the live-action adaptation.

  2. Yeah, she’s great. Not a nepo baby cause she’s actually got talent. Glad to see her getting booked and busy!

  3. Makes sense…he probably didn’t go home but need to change out of his suit and bought cheap clothes to “wash” himself of it all…”we’re nothing”

  4. Just funny that it’s a boy’s shirt not men’s haha. My headcanon is that he went straight to his moms house without packing anything and found this t-shirt in his old room.

  5. What year was this? A 30 year old vs a 20 year old having relations with a teenager is 2 very different stories

  6. Do you have a link to this girl's account because I wanna see if she's said anything else about it

  7. I do not have tiktok but you can search her username on there. Not sure if she’s deleted her account though

  8. I’m sorry but it’s actually not full circle. Logan had sent Roman there to see how Ken was doing with the Vulture deal.

  9. Yes well, of course Roman got suckered back in but in that moment he sounded like he was okay with being out. LA didn’t work out, Kendall was clearly heir apparent in Logan’s eyes for a long time, and Roman (and Shiv) seemed to accept that. Kendall was gonna take over and they were gonna do their own things.

  10. Kendall devolving his argument for CEO into essentially, you need to give it to me because I was promised it and I’m the eldest of us, to me it made sense why Shiv turned on him.

  11. I liked how this episode confirmed a lot of things that we were 99% sure we knew but were unsaid. Like Logan not thinking of Kendall’s kids as legitimate because of adoption/disability, in fact he considered them “randoms”.

  12. Somewhere right now Ian Clark is smiling and adding to his resume

  13. I remember how it was reported that Ian Clark “banged the table” for Silovs during his draft a few years ago. Guy just knows

  14. The seats on the left are to be used for the whole arena. Cup holders finally!

  15. Dang, I was really hoping for dark blue seats or navy, feels more “Canucks”

  16. Why aren’t the seats the same… and why do only some get cup holders..

  17. Noooo I need my emotional support Air Canucks videos

  18. I love that Willa is the only Roy partner in the front row

  19. So, Shiv’s definitely gonna tell Roman that Ken wants to run the company by himself right?

  20. I swear this happens every year lmao

  21. We love Bieksa, don't we folks? The one guy, of course, to say Vancouver should win.

  22. I love that she said Bedard could get some on-ice sessions now if he’s okay with the fine (referencing the Canucks getting fined earlier today lol)

  23. Is this really a fine, or is it just a cover up for the 50k that Aqua slid into Bettman’s pocket to rig the draft lottery

  24. Can somewhere clarify what the violation is?

  25. Canucks held on-ice sessions for a number of players after the season ended, which is against the CBA (see my first comment which has now been edited).

  26. Just gotta say these threads were a fantastic idea

  27. Yeah that’s what I thought too, I felt like paramedics go right to where you are to treat you.

  28. I just wouldn't name a Captain yet. Give Tocchet a full year before making a decision it's not like there's a rush

  29. Yeah if I had to answer now, I want Hughes to be captain, but I still want a season of all A’s (Hughes, Petey, Miller) first to see how this leadership core works in a full season and who really separates themselves from the pack so that it’s undeniable.

  30. Yeah there’s so much going on, the power struggles, the acquisition, the fricking ELECTION / Connor’s presidential run which I feel is really being put on the back burner , like I expected that there would be way more story there.

  31. Does anybody get the feeling they are trying to groom Petey still? I mean based on these comments? I would not be too shocked if they still give Petey the C while keeping Quinn as part of the leadership core. Two young leaders just different roles

  32. I agree with you, and I hope they recognize that a player can be the face of the franchise without being the captain. Look at MacKinnon and Makar in Colorado, Matthews in Toronto, arguably Tkachuk in Florida, Jack Hughes in Jersey... obviously some of them joined their teams after the current captains had been named, but the point still stands that you don't have to freak out and force the captaincy onto someone just because they're your best player or the guy in all your marketing campaigns.

  33. Great points. It all comes down to timing at the end of the day. The timing is just so close between Petey and Quinn so just giving it to the technically older guy isn’t the answer in this situation I don’t think.

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