1. Richmond is a suburb of Houston, so pretty good there.

  2. Are any of these places safe/fun? I’m stuck in Austin and looking for somewheres to live

  3. Richmond is the only one worth considering.

  4. American Rescue Plan, Infrastructure Bill, PACT Act, first Gun Control legislation in a generation, Inflation Reduction Act, Micro Chip bill, and action on student debt relief. Biden has gotten a lot done. Of course there is more to do and some of what's been done could have been better.

  5. What if this is despite Biden, and not because of him?

  6. Arr you saying breakfast tacos are hard to find in other places or a specific kind?

  7. No birth control, no social services, not too long ago life was very very shitty.

  8. I mean, there absolutely was birth control available - condoms found an increased role in the early 20th century (particularly for soldiers fighting in overseas wars, like WW1), but were in use since the 18th century. They were expensive though, so if you were poor they weren’t readily accessible.

  9. This is simply untrue. PP was founded in 1938 because contraception was not even legal until then, other than the condoms given to soldiers you mentioned. Diaphragms weren’t even legal, much less popular. And even then marital rape was not against the law until this century.

  10. The Comstock Act of 1873 made birth control illegal in the US. It was overruled in 1936 - before PP.

  11. Arrows don't blow out like that. That's definitely rifle exit though

  12. They do if it’s an expandable broadhead…

  13. Idk. I know a bunch of folks who would have preferred a Class C misdemeanor/$90 ticket and having to call their parent to come get them, over a DWI, given the option.

  14. So you're arguing that it would be better to give a bunch of minors tickets for safely drinking in a house, rather than letting them off with a warning, and only get the ones who are irresponsible enough to be underage, drinking, and driving.

  15. It doesn't "get rid" of these teenagers. It just fucks them for the future unreasonably in exchange for "good metrics"

  16. I'd fully support this. I can spread my seed all over Texas without ramifications.

  17. I don't see why a believer couldn't still follow Christ while having a family member who doesn't believe. Lots of us support our Christian family members.

  18. Because it’s about control.

  19. Hey everyone. I loved barbarian, watched it in the movies when it came out and again now that it’s on streaming. Favorite 2022 movie. but I realized something that seems like a bit of a plot hole. Did anyone understand how they reserved the house? The company didn’t know, or AJ, how does that work? Airbnb and the other company just randomly put the house up? Is this a plot hole?

  20. I figured that when a property is booked on one service, the property manager should update the other sites listings to match availability.

  21. Thought of the same, karma payback... But movie shifted tone, also why did the father killed himself?!?

  22. AJ told Frank that he was going to tell everyone what was happening down there, and that cops were going to be swarming the place.

  23. I wonder if they could sue the company for "bait and switch". Thex wasted a lot of money and time just to be axed

  24. So what you're really saying is that harris county should be split into several smaller counties so that it doesn't gain an unfair advantage in state elections?

  25. County lines have no bearing on state-wide elections.

  26. I'll ask him because I don't know the exact figure, it was high 40's. I'm curious to see the new numbers as I know bonuses and bumps were given due to the pandemic and all the money the Fed dispursed.

  27. Yeah the only people who think Texas will turn blue don't live here. Or live in Austin.

  28. About to? Texas hasn’t had a Republican governor since 1990, and has been under total Republican control for nearly two decades.

  29. That’s the thing, it’s not like she was even good at her job. She was an embarrassment. It’s depressing that people would even consider voting for her.

  30. Her dad was also governor of Arkansas.

  31. Parent income only affects financial aid for dependent students.

  32. https://www.fastweb.com/financial-aid/articles/how-do-i-become-independent-on-the-fafsa-if-i-am-under-age-24.amp

  33. That is highly illogical, and shouldn’t surprise me.

  34. because by manipulating which respondents you actually count you can skew the data however you choose... if your sample size is, say 1,500, but you exclude half of them for whatever reason (more/less likely to vote, voted in every recent election/voted in half the last 4 elections, age 65+/age 26 or less, part hair on the right/left - whatever criteria the pollsters or their contractors choose) you can get whatever results you were paid to produce... fuck the polls - vote!

  35. You know you can review methodology for these surveys, right? And that there are statistical checks to validate sample size? And that not all polls are partisan?

  36. STOP messages are supposed to be respected by all major text providers.

  37. I believe politicians excluded campaign messages

  38. Like me. I live in a very red county and voted in the republican primary but in the general I voted all democrat.

  39. I wish you could press one but then vote straight Democrat, I bet I had to hit Democrat 50 times from all the state positions and the judges.

  40. Yeah, after 2016, when down-ballot Democrats had success attributed to straight-ticket voting with increased turnout, Republicans in Texas made straight-ticket voting illegal.

  41. The other way to spell “Catholic” is “tradition”

  42. Someone shot a beautiful pony in much the same way over here in Richmond. So sad.

  43. With those rules I don’t believe I can be successful in answering you. You were raised in the church

  44. These are not insurmountable expectations for anything that is evident to be true/real. The challenge you feel unable to meet is because there is no evidence for a supernatural being.

  45. A man with a gun would scare most people so I can see why they wouldn’t notice details about him in a moment like that. They also only saw him for a few seconds. But I see your point. The gospels were written by people who spent a lot of time with him so I don’t find your example to be apples to apples. But if you are using the scientific method to prove that God is real than I doubt you find your proof. It doesn’t work that way. But you already knew that.

  46. I began this discussion upfront with my position that it is my lack of faith that prevents me from believing in God (or any deity), and all proof of god require some amount of faith.

  47. Yes, they could. They would have to meet the legal requirements of a "sincere belief" under the First Amendment. This test is so easy to meet that normally courts don't really inquire into it. But in those very unusual case, they might.

  48. Google “protected class”

  49. No problem. Here you go.

  50. Good. Now read some of the resources.

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