1. Oh what a shame. I had them in the same tank for over a year and it never happend. Do you think i need to rehome one or Will they be fine ?

  2. In my opinion, I think they are fine together. It does not look to be aggressive fighting, but rather competing for food.

  3. Yes ... But I would classify this more as competing. They are not flaring there gills or trying to inflict harm, they just both want the wafer. I agree with the other user who suggested more wafers!

  4. Basically a parking lot party. It's in reference to American football games where everyone will go ahead of the game to drink and play games.

  5. Panda Gara! They just exude personality and are insanely active for a grazer. I have a school of 12 in my aquarium and I can tell each one apart based on markings and the way they behave. I was worried at first with having them with my cories, but they actually get along very well. The only time they don't get along perfectly is with food, and it's not agresion, they just both don't think before zooming towards dinner.

  6. Apg2 feels slightly hotter than my other two, but nothing you would notice without doing exit velocity testing

  7. I have never been so disgusted at a deck before... I plan to play this tonight for fun

  8. My Spyderz have been amazing, I'm extremely rough on them and they made it through a full season of 4-5 games a week. What impressed me most was that after a few months one of the fingers got a cut in it, but it just stayed like that. The cut never ripped farther apart or causes more damage.

  9. You broke the unwritten rules of softball! ... But seriously, there is no rule actually broken. Was it a little bit of a greasy way to win, sure.... But at the end of the day, if the wins mater, you get the wins!

  10. I use ceramic water spikes for my bristlenose plecos, there cheap, and perfectly fit one

  11. Can and should are two different cases here. I suspect that in alot of cases you would be fine. Make sure it's heavily planted with alot of driftwood and hiding areas. It also may be worth considering starting with 2 and seeing how they do.

  12. Maple is a very known quantity. His lows are not very low, his highs are not very high. He is not going to carry a lot, but he will almost never be the reason your losing. My only concern is that mid is such a pivotal role, we would need to make sure our other roles can be the main threats.

  13. Just keep playing! Weekly quests and new missions go a long way! But it's not quick, it does take time

  14. Could not agree more, the deck and the playstyle seem at arms with each other.

  15. Heh. At arms. Because weapons and forging and.. you get it.

  16. Thank you! Thank you! I'll be here all week, don't forget to tip your waiter!

  17. Primary role: Healer Dom / DPS Dom Secondary role: Tank Dom

  18. Primary role: Healer Dom / Tank Dom Secondary role: DPS Dom

  19. Most of my plecos come right up to me when I come arround.... Usualy because I bring cucumber or other veggies

  20. Veigar is so much fun.... Once you have the first star power!

  21. I think at this point most regulars in softball realize that we need more of the younger generation to play, because more and more people are retiring. I am in my 20s and usualy the only person under 30 In my games, it's a little awkward .... If they know :P

  22. There are alot of factors that go into this. I find that there is no such thing as 100% power, because every once and a while you'll get that one special pitch and your swing will just feel way stronger.

  23. I think Norra will be so bad she's invisible...

  24. Oat milk and espresso are my go to! I have found some vanilla oat milk that does not overpower the taste, and is actually more subdued that regular.

  25. Excuse me... I know it's not the point.... Is your fish named toaster oven?

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