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  1. Replaced headlight assemblies on my 2012 civic LX. After placing them in, pushing them as much as possible and checking for any obstructions, I’m left with this tiny space. I’m not sure how else to get it in better, I took it off 3x and retried. It clicks in place and the bolt holes are perfectly aligned, but I can’t rid of this space.

  2. Ask for half what you paid back, if they say no have them send you a new one. You paid x amount for it and wasn't expecting it to be fucked up. Be like this was going on my show Chevette dude I can't have this.

  3. Flint for or from a lighter, bruh. Old school

  4. Damn battery got that corroded virus

  5. My stamps don't come in till the 11th, dawg.

  6. He sold his catalog for 300 million not long ago.

  7. That's a tough one for me. That's a lot of money till the tax man get's a huge cut.

  8. That's a lot of people that will probably snitch on me when I light up that freedom doobie, dude. I can never do nothing!

  9. Are we going to ignore the busted vag hanging on the wall behind her?

  10. Is Gwar still around? I don't know if I've heard any of their songs but I know their known for wearing costumes and spraying fake blood on people.

  11. Yes indeed. You gotta see them live.

  12. Am trying to quit smoking. This is a good reminder. Fuck.

  13. Dude, I use to make displays and models of smokers lungs, teeth, smoking during pregnancy ect. Never grossed me out till now. I don't have health insurance and chantix was 5/600 to start up out of pocket like a year ago. Probably more now

  14. I’ve just managed to quit after 15+ years using patches. Never tried before because I assumed they wouldn’t cut it. But they have done it for me. Maybe give it a go!

  15. Will do, I'm in 21 year's not trying to make it 22.

  16. Sell to a black metal band as their new redesigned logo

  17. Can confirm. I’m a nurse and it can be a hard job. But this is just cringey, attention seeking behavior and I think it’s gross.

  18. This is the first of it's kind as far as I know. It's just a weak ass trend that's gonna get worse from here, monkey see, monkey do

  19. 1,200-1,800 depending on the shop

  20. Eating all that over grown crap that's tough to get to with a mower

  21. The trees were talking, they whisper your name

  22. Because you can't arrest gravity fucko!

  23. How are you gonna be Stevie Buscemi and look like a young Willy Defoe?

  24. the hell’s up with the cop on the right stepping on the guy’s leg? He’s already down.

  25. That is just adding zero's to that man's big cardboard check he'll get from the city after the lawsuit he's gonna file.

  26. Don't get too excited. It's very low grade thc, like less than one or two percent. You'd get higher smoking that delta 8 crap, dirt weed or whatever boof that's around here.

  27. Yeah. At least there is some progression though. I have CPTSD and I often have bouts of insomnia and get nauseous to where I don't eat during times where I am symptomatic. I hope this means it will be easier to get my pharm card so I can have it for my job's testing(I WFH for a progressive company) and just keep getting what I need somewhere else so I can use what works for me. I know the research is split on wether it specifically helps ease "PTSD symptoms(panic attacks, flashbacks, etc.), but the right doseage and blends help me sleep and eat which brings me to an actual quality of life. Crossing my fingers for progression of higher doseage🤞

  28. It's definitely a step in the right direction that's for sure. I have no medical reasons. Some drink and that's cool, but I like a puff.

  29. Fuck yeah!! They’re from San Antonio, Texas. Whole band is good friends of mine, they just released this like yesterday.

  30. Awesome, dude! Got a few homie's there. I'll spread the word.

  31. Thanks for the support, sure they’ll greatly appreciate it! My band plays up in Austin tomorrow.

  32. What's your band's name and what joint you playing? I hit up shows in Austin and Dfw, sometimes San Antonio .

  33. The most NY exchange possible. I'm a little surprised he didn't try to holler at lady cop.

  34. Very nice ink, set them back some coin.

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