1. This sure has been the Christine Nguyen All-You-Can-Eat Buffett

  2. Haha right? No way she isn't getting at least a little taste when she's buried that deep.

  3. God i hate that song and its in multiple softcore flicks

  4. Beautiful! Had to look her up after seeing this. Turns out she's had quite an illustrious hardcore career as well.

  5. Two of my all-time favorites. And Erika in those boots!!!

  6. Not the best video quality, but you can't go wrong with "I want you to cum in my mouth, I want to swallow your big load"

  7. I'd love to know more about the circumstances surrounding how Sam revealed that he was so turned on by the baby bird challenge!

  8. I think he wanted her to suck his finger at 0:13 but she did not oblige!

  9. A little bit of extra-mileish action with his hand right at the beginning of this clip too.

  10. I was wondering if those fingertips might be reaching the promised land.

  11. I wish she had done more softcore movies tbh. She's an excellent actress imo and she could've been a star on the scale of Beverly Lynne or Christine Nguyen in this genre had she decided to go that route.

  12. Absolutely! She was great in boy-girl and girl-girl scenes. Especially loved her with Jayden Cole in Carnal Wishes!

  13. Whoever you are, you're the real MVP for voting Val. I sure do miss her.

  14. Insanely hot! Absolutely love the champagne. And I was pleasantly surprised to see the simulated/implied blowjob. I feel like that was not commonplace in softcore during that era.

  15. I thought Kat and Chazz were going to hit it off big for sure after their mukbang conversation, but his weird speech probably was what ruined it for her.

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