1. double intimidate Gyarados/Arcanine can be really difficult. Charizard offers a 4x weakness, but Gyarados is still a heavy hitter. It really is between 2 & 3 for easiest, but I feel like the Venasaur team is def the hardest to face

  2. literally everything about Kiriko. Hanzo and Genji are about 40, and she can’t be older than her mid 20’s, but supposedly, she grew up with them. Unless “grew up with” means that they were (at minimum) 10 years older than her, then this makes no sense.

  3. HUGE PERSONAL SIDE TANGENT: I also just hate her character. She is rude, snobbish, condescending, or downright mean to most of the characters, yet 95% of them can’t help but fawn over her. Sombra thinks she’s cool, Zarya wants to work out with her, Lucio finds it endearing when she snootily tells him how to change his music. Meanwhile, she is demeaning to Junkrat (sadly, something most other characters do), she makes fun of Winston for making jokes (something Pharah also does, but it makes more sense because they have a history), she literally makes fun of Genji in front of everyone to get a laugh, and she says she wants to eat Hammond (which he likes???).

  4. It's such a shame, cause I really do enjoy playing her (Genji DPS-style support), but her personality is grating.

  5. It got exponentially worse in OW2, since people have free accounts and they absolutely nerfed the endorsements, people don’t feel like there’s any reason/consequence to be decent anymore. I could be biased, but OW2 feels more toxic than OW1 ever did, even before they introduced endorsements

  6. Maybe this person is just so tempted by homosexual thoughts that they have a hard time playing lmao

  7. what I tend to do with mixing and matching mods is mostly renaming files. so for example, you'd take penny's Mod A option and rename her outfit to the same thing as the mod B option, then leave it in the Mod B folder. that way the game officially runs mod B, but has the character from Mod A.

  8. no this confirms exactly what i was thinking, tysm. i wanted to make sure it was as straightforward as moving/renaming files, and that i wasn't missing something since i don't make mods.

  9. mercy paintball will never be the same

  10. you're allowed to believe it's cheating, just as they are allowed to play the game their way. If you're upset because they have an "unfair advantage" because they're speed-running a challenge that ultimately means nothing...then just ignore it. With your logic, you could argue that killing an AFK player is cheating because you unfairly killed a player who was at a disadvantage, or that anyone who steals a final blow from you is cheating because they didn't do all the work. End of the day, this isn't a competitive mode and you're getting salty over an arcade game. If it was a competitive mode I would be much more inclined to agree with you, but if literally, every player in that game agreed to it...then none of them have an unfair advantage. And if you think that they have an unfair advantage outside of that match because they get a reward faster than everyone else, you agreed with me that cosmetics offer no real competitive advantage, so all-in-all it doesn't matter and you can just leave people be and let them have fun making friends and finding more ways to say "fuck you" to Blizzard.

  11. ....i was trying to throw you a bone, but you care way too much about being a martyr for the sanctity of an arcade game mode

  12. Yes, not arguing that fact. Just arguing that OW1 players and OW2 players are no different in terms of sources of income for blizzard.

  13. apologies, i thought you were just calling OW1 players poor for not wanting to pay more money

  14. I just so happen to not have this mercy skin, but I will share your anger when they do something similar in the future with a skin I already have. It's nigh inevitable.

  15. I don’t think anyone is angry that people can get the old OW1 skins, I’m honestly glad new players can earn them without having to pay that stupid company, everyone is just upset that it’s clearly all for money and they no longer care about their vets at all.

  16. But if the ranked system does work it means I have to look at my own mistakes instead of blaming some algorithm. That hurts my ego and I'd much rather complain on Reddit!

  17. no one said your rank isn't your own fault, just that it's also blizzards fault for making some of the worst competitive decisions possible

  18. Absolutely no shot you work at blizzard.

  19. imagine blizzard really was so desperate to save face that they sent this poor child out to the battle field to defend their shitty game

  20. i haven't seen someone mention that they named it based off of the grandfather yet, i think that's really sweet

  21. sap (but fr cheese, you can't buy that cheese at a shop and it's one of the best foods for the mines)

  22. How are they pronounced? And do you have any special reasons that you like either of them? (They’re very wonderful names btw :])

  23. (lye-cell) and (ah-key) Lycel I saw on as a streamer's name that I watch and I loved it. With Aki I thought oh it kinda seems similar to my deadname

  24. i've always been one to not want to name myself after people/fandoms of any sort just in case (ended up choosing a name that is also a game/popular video game character by accident though lmao) but if you want a name that doesn't remind you of your deadname then go with Lycel.

  25. I've looked at a couple deleted accounts in my dms and they say

  26. NEVER GET RID OF RESOURCES, it is never worth it don't do it. Just make another chest and leave it somewhere if you have to, I promise you will always need more wood/stone. It especially helps when the price of wood increases in the second year.

  27. I had to go from azerty layout to qwerty, it's not the same problem, but I think the solution should work as well. I was already typing pretty fast on azerty at around 120wpm and had to unlearn strong muscle memory I had built up over the years. What I did is basically go on keybr.com (other similar websites should work the same) and slowed down my typing to the point were I would consciously type on every key (i.e typing very very slowly) using the right fingers, I did this for several days before I saw my speed increase again but it did eventually work. Now with experience I swapped some of the fingers I use for some words to make it more comfortable or faster, but I would recommend to use the "right" fingers first, to learn the proper way.

  28. Thanks dude, I’ll bring this up when I see her soon :D

  29. Id rather have one version and nothing else. We’ve been beyond the need for two version for so long. At least they’re attempting to do something interesting with it now I guess, but we really don’t need two versions when the base game is already so lack-luster

  30. It's my head cannon that Emily is an anti-vaxer, so I can't recommend her.

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