1. Prices went up even more! I’m not going :(

  2. Not you too :( it’s so crazy - with merch I’d have to set aside at least 600 in an ‘ok’ seat

  3. Prices went up mid sale! The cheapest tickets was 425.. crazy

  4. Oh I didn’t look again after checking it out yesterday morning - that’s ridiculous!! Fire up my Spotify playlist I guess lol :/

  5. Hugs sweetheart, have a great day and give your family a hug from us mums! X

  6. What kind of magnesium where you using? For how long? It can take a few weeks to build up in your system if you’re low. Some types of magnesium like diglycinate is better than others x

  7. I call it my constipation station ;) My c section pooch with a little more cushion! I love high waisted pants - do what makes you feel good! Rock it out xx

  8. I'm gonna come at this from a logical perspective and someone who has extensive experience with anxiety.

  9. Yep but for me it had to be things like dance cardio where I had to focus on the choreography and my body, and not my intrusive thoughts. If I just went for a walk, my mind wandered lol. Eventually I could enjoy a mindful walk though, so it’s about finding what activity brings you back into present moment the best.

  10. We were looking at illumeskylights.com.au - look for skylight alternatives (basically a light not an actual skylight)

  11. It's a pain the arse, before we could use the shoulder to get to the corner to turn left onto Sunnyholt. Now, we're being forced to sit in traffic until the lights turn green.

  12. It was a short left turn lane though so I’m hoping they’re extending it up to around the Steakhouse - give it 3 more years lol

  13. It’s never too late to do something good for yourself. I am proud of you for recognizing what you need to do, and also acknowledging your grief at the same time. You will find what you’re looking for, I know it. Until then, look at how strong you are today. You’re amazing and I’d much rather you leave with ‘nothing’ than stay and waste more time x

  14. I was going to ask my husband for tickets as an early birthday present but when I told him the prices he was like no way! If anyone else has been to Qudos Bank you’d know the $99 tickets are going to be right up the top where the view is garbage so it wouldn’t be worth it for those even.

  15. Yeah it’s too much to justify at the moment - I don’t do well with the nosebleed seats and I need to pay the mortgage and feed my family lol… what a bummer

  16. I’m due any day now with my first bubba so it would have also probably been my first break from him (he’d be around 4-5 months old by the time of the concert) but adult priorities come first, especially with the cost of everything these days!

  17. Oh congrats! My kids are 15, 13 and 9 - I loveeee babies (no more for me though lol). Yeah it would of been a fun night out for you but yep responsibilities … I need to talk to my mortgage broker today.. fun!

  18. This mumma says you need to do what is best for you - if it’s not sitting well with you, you don’t need to rough it out if you don’t want too. There’s no prize for suffering unnecessarily. Take care of yourself xx

  19. I wouldn’t move my accessible van out of a parents with pram spot, just to spite that Karen. I’m so petty, I would wait until she called the parking officer so we could educate that moron on how parking accessibility works. You had every right to use that spot, I feel sorry for her kids who have to live with her and will think she’s right (or figure out she’s wrong and do better).

  20. Yep go for magnesium glycinate or diglycinate unless you need help pooping, then a little citrate is good for a day or two

  21. If taking care of your physical and mental health is being a pussy, then MEOW MEOW.

  22. There are also people who get married with crooked teeth.

  23. Ive been married for 19 years, I’ve always hated my crooked teeth and was self conscious about it on my wedding day but my husband never brings it up because he’s not a shallow a hole.

  24. The UBD or Sydway street directories were gold and now a long lost skill for most. No different to skippers navigating the open ocean and reading charts/using a compass. Technology and innovation is great but every action has its opposite reaction and in this case its dumbed people down! As a teenager I remembered all my mates home phone numbers in my head, now, been married 8 years and only recognise my wife’s number by the last 3 digits, remember none other than mums place I grew up in.

  25. I used to literally just read the street directory as a kid when we were in the car. I still remember the page number our house was on in the Gregory’s and would follow the way to the rellies’. Nowadays they’d probably describe this as a hyper-fixation but I’d still say I am very good at navigating around Sydney by memory, at least for the areas I grew up in.

  26. We’re alike in that way - I still love scrolling through Google Maps & street view to find my way places just by memory (and not the directions they give). I know I’ve kept my street directories for when I hit old age and need an obsessive phase lol

  27. We recently replaced the carpet in our living room (15 years old anyway and the builders who were using that room for storage did a number on it, which was fine). Much better than trying to revive it…

  28. First time we had to go up on the crawl space to look for the leak (we could hear rain in the roof and drops coming from the manhole!) grateful it passed over within 30 mins. Backyard flooded but we have good drainage now thankfully. Calling a roof guy tomorrow I guess - intense!

  29. I flood every cycle - day 4 or 5 :( so much so that I need iron infusions every 6-12 months because my ferritin drops to under 5. Perimenopause for the last 7 years for me, can’t wait for menopause lol.

  30. I’m exhausted but I also have chronic issues with my ferritin levels so I get an infusion every 6-12 months. It helps but I still get really flat, love a nap every day if I can lol

  31. Try to reverse this. Imagine she decided to “help” you move into the 21st century by smashing your flip phone with a hammer, so you’d get a smart phone. Or “help” you get fit by disabling your car, so you’d have to walk or bike.

  32. Or hiding all her cash and making her use a card only. Or changing all her kitchen appliances because the ones you like ‘are better’. Or throwing out all her furniture because you never used it yourself so it’s useless right?

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