1. I remains absolutely accessible to kids however it’s my feeling it was written and directed with adults in mind. I saw the same commercial you did featuring the children. That was really cute! I think it’s a go point you bring up commercials as every other commercial and piece of marketing (posters, trailers, tie-ins) seems geared at an older audience.

  2. It's for the children...that grew up with Ultraman back then and are adults now.

  3. How exactly since the sets are very small? It's like a soap opera with slo-mo being their only "modern" tool

  4. Use CGI? It's not like they build a physical set for Moria in Fellowship of the Rings.

  5. The battle felt too small scale to be enjoyable. Where is the scale and immense feeling we got in PJ's movies?

  6. The battle in Khazad-Dum on the other hand was epic and grand.

  7. That's true, they try to do it with the original GUTS SELECT but compared to the one in Decker they barely did anything so I'm glad they are far more useful than their predecessors.

  8. Sakamoto clearly don't feel a need to make them useful in Trigger.

  9. What I love is the fact that they also get consistent shot at killing kaiju, they are by no mean powerless without ultraman like if they made spin off show just about them without the ultraman I will definitely still watch it.

  10. Indeed! Many previous Ultra-series did worldbuilding so well that you can easily have more stories even without Ultraman.

  11. They made a huge mistake in making the expedition too small of a force.

  12. Honestly, I’d take good writing and an adherence to source material over a sense of spaciousness. My goodness, this show is so so wrong.

  13. Good writing is always harder to master than a good sense of direction. It's the standing still and talking scenes that reminds you that this is still a TV show and not a movie.

  14. So Basically Ultraman Tiga is basically all about humanity?

  15. Yes, Tiga from the start to the end is really about what it meant for humans to acquire the power of Ultraman, or reach the next stage of human "evolution".

  16. Loved your explanation. Any chance you would do a character analysis for other Ultra hosts/forms as well?

  17. I'll try but I have to rewatched other series in depth first.

  18. Decker Ep 10 is full of great symbolism in its images. But this particular shot stood out to me.

  19. People have different tastes but I did enjoy the almost-perfect noble hero character of daigo. It was nice and did suit what Tiga signified.

  20. I've written an essay on the journey of Daigo and Tiga lol. I think Tiga has a lot of stuff that are very subtle and can be easily missed. But the themes, inner conflict and etc of Daigo are clearly there.

  21. I mostly agree with what you are saying. The first 2 episodes were bad, but they at least had a sense af grandeur. It felt like a big and epic world (even if it didn't feel like Tolkiens world). Episode 3 though, felt like a downgrade. From costumes, to the CGI to the creature design - everything felt a bit off. I liked the orxs, but damn was that fight choreography terrible. It kinda feels like the director knows what he is supposed to do, but doesn't know how to do it.

  22. I'm talking more about the overall cinematography, i.e. lighting, shot compositions and etc because these are the stuff in the director's control in a TV show.

  23. I get that. That slo-mo alone was, let's say interesting. I also think that those Harfoot scenes at night were very badly lit - I rewatched it at night and the scenes were better visable then, but in broad daylight I couldn't make out that much. What I also found interesting was the weird editing choices and that blurry reveal of Adar. Either dont reveal him at all or show him to us, but that blur didn't conceal anything and just made it look weird. There were too many shots of things looking in the camera too - that warg for example. I think it doesn't look THAT terrible, but that one shot didn't make it look that well.

  24. I'm comparing this to the overall direction in Netflix's The Crown for example. Again, it's mostly directed by tv directors, but they really did a great job in terms of establishing the mood with good lighting choice, shot compositions, editing and etc.

  25. To quote Poppy, “Wrong ears. Not handsome enough.”

  26. I mean it will be super helpful of a disguise not to be marked immediately as an elf.

  27. Exactly. Unless they are saying the refugees built Gondor and Arnor in just 4-5 years.

  28. There's really my 1 issue with GG in an otherwise enjoyable series so far.

  29. Adventure, subs if you can accept it.

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