1. Frank hates criminals for being criminals not for their skin or religion.

  2. He's fighting against the proud boys and a villain named Hate Monger? Are you serious?

  3. Hate Monger was created in 1963, this isn’t some new “woke” villain; he has decades of comic book appearances and has also gone up against the Punisher before. It makes sense that a far-right group like the Proud Boys would be aligned with him.

  4. Trust me, he’s still the Punisher. Just with the backing of a ninja cult now.

  5. A double bed, and a stalwart lover for sure, these are the riches of the poor

  6. Klaus’ “You’re getting clowned Gucci Mane” kills me every time

  7. 4 GB RAM Dual-core AMD A6-9220e 1.6GHz accelerated processor 128 GB SSD Model 81VS

  8. Not Fury or Hill, I know the two girls are Nakia and Okoye (both Dora Milaje) but I’m not sure about the guy with the guns because 1) he matches T’Challa’s design from the run, and 2) the Panther is already pictured

  9. I think they look pretty good. I'm not sure why that one individual on your previous post was so butthurt about it. Good luck with the sale.

  10. WTS Hot Toys Collector’s Edition 501st Clone Trooper with box x2. Comes with box, all hands and DC-15 blaster carbine.

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