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  1. Here's the thing: in most cases, there's hardly any difference at all. In fact, early Swift pretty much obscured the concept of "existential" (any) and "universal" (some) types.

  2. Great explanation. I would add that some really only makes sense in the context of function return types1. One of the important guarantees is that some Foo stands for a specific, concrete type, so a function that returns some Foo must return the same concrete type every time. As far as the compiler is concerned, some Foo gets replaced internally with that specific type.

  3. Interesting, I wasn't aware that it could be used in parameters! I can see this as potentially confusing, since it's reusing opaque type syntax for a very different reason: In return types, hiding the return type behind an opaque type is desirable, because the caller shouldn't depend on the concrete type. In parameters, it's just syntactic sugar for a more verbose signature using generics, and has nothing to do with type hiding.

  4. Does the Spring service already exist and only communicate over RabbitMQ? If so, it's fine, although I would make clear that Node is adapting synchronous requests to an asynchronous backend. The options for improving it are:

  5. The app seems to be using super simplified versions of the

  6. My guess would be that the shapes loaded but the animation data that adjusts those shapes didn't, so we're seeing the equivalent of a 3D model's T-pose.

  7. To me it looks like the curves connecting the anchor points on the vectors disappeared. So kinda like what you said but idk if "animation" data is completely correct.

  8. I was guessing it's the inner control points on the curves that are effectively zeroed, turning the curves into flat lines directly connecting the end points. When I say "animation data", I mean a CSS animation that changes the path. If the SVG has one path and a CSS animation has a different path for the first frame, what you see as its initial state depends on whether the CSS loads or not.

  9. Since someone already answered, I'll just add that your examples are confusing case and order, where the former is a grammatical issue and the latter is a stylistic one. "Me and him are going to the store" is grammatically incorrect because the pronouns need to be nominative, but they're both accusative instead. On the other hand, it's grammatically correct to say "I and he are going to the store", but it's considered bad style to put "I" first.

  10. It's lower level but it exposes more capabilities, not unlike how many "Core" frameworks are lower level than "Kit" frameworks, with the latter built on top of the former. The global concurrent executor for async/await is built on top of libdispatch (i.e., Grand Central Dispatch).

  11. It's hard to give general advice, because using AWS can range from "I have a personal project that runs on a single EC2 instance" to "we're a global organization". The scenario I'm describing here is more suited to a business with a few containerized services and a few managed services (e.g., DynamoDB, SQS) running in a single availability zone, because I assume a larger organization would already have an answer to your question. With that preamble out of the way, it depends on the type of change I'm making and how close I am to deploying it, because I do different levels of testing.

  12. In a lot of cases you aren't even getting better performance aside from you get the illusion of it because your tasks are getting offloaded (until you run out of threads). There's a reason nearly every database/high performance system is moving towards thread per core scheduling models.

  13. This is also how Apple's libdispatch manages dispatch queues. You can specify a maximum concurrency for a queue, but the system library controls the mapping of tasks to threads and how many threads are spawned.

  14. Correct me if I'm wrong, but borrow and take would be similar to Rust's borrow-checker right? Like yeah ARC existed before this, but adding finer control over ownership just seems like a very good step in the right direction. I'm very much all for improving memory safety in Swift and other programming languages in general

  15. They're similar in function and you can see a lot of shared inspiration.

  16. Only registered businesses in Canada can get .ca domains. Police should know who the owners of kurushoescanada.ca are.

  17. Duo is lenient when it can recognize the word as a misspelling due to lack of accents, the same way it is lenient about other misspellings, but that doesn't mean it ignores them completely, especially when the misspelling is also a valid word. The reason your answer was marked incorrect is because you didn't spell décidé correctly, not because of the pronouns. You can check this for yourself by repeating the lesson until you get that question again, and putting in the exact same answer but with the correct accents.

  18. As mentioned above it's difficult to translate "survivor" as a personality trait.

  19. Speaking about copying, they both probably got inspiration from React.js

  20. And React.js, as the name suggests, is inspired by preceding work in the area of

  21. Are you sure that you are using Spider-Man’s correct pronouns or were there multiple Spideys?

  22. "They" has been used as a generic, singular pronoun for centuries.

  23. Thank you, Captain Obvious. Do people on Reddit not understand sarcasm?

  24. I understand the concept of a data clean room and how data from different sources can be matched based on something like an email address. My question is whether (and how) they can match an opaque identifier, like I described above, to data from other sources as part of re-identification. Since the identifier is effectively a bunch of random, meaningless bytes, they would need some other piece of information connected to that identifier that can be used to match it with other data. For example,

  25. I think we'd need to see the full view controller. My guess is that something is overwriting the value after the viewDidLoad hook, but it's impossible to say for sure.

  26. Yeah I guess that makes more sense. The car windows were tinted so probably they didn't even care to have an empty pizza box. Too many red flags honestly. I don't know why but when it was happening I was ignoring them all at first for some reason. I mean how on earth Domino's driver would be concerned with HST. Saving some bucks for the corporate?

  27. Everything seems obvious in retrospect. These scams work because they're high pressure and make you think you're doing something nice for someone in a difficult situation. Don't feel bad for how far along they pulled you in, feel glad you caught on before it was too late.

  28. I couldn't read the article with the non-stop ads popping up.

  29. Off the top of my head, the main risk categories I recall are:

  30. Check the build log to see if it's stopping on the same file each time. The biggest culprit I've seen for single file delays is type inference. Once you've identified the file where it gets stuck, try adding explicit type annotations. If you've got a big blob of array/dictionary data (i.e., JSON-like) declared in a source file, this can really cause type inference headaches.

  31. Just google for "dementia stance" and the first page of results has a lot of

  32. Heel lifts seems more likely. It fits with what we already know about his personality.

  33. Except heel lifts don't make one lean forward. The ankle just sits at a different angle. If they did make one lean forward, everyone that's regularly high heals would be hunched over.

  34. It shifts your centre of mass forward slightly, since your heels are closer to your toes. When someone's wearing high heels and standing in a naturally upright posture, you can see a more pronounced curve in their spine. He's obese, elderly, and wears ill-fitting suits; I suspect all three contribute to the centaur appearance that you don't normally see in other people. Compare it to how he looks standing upright in golf shoes and clothing. I haven't seen the same centaur appearance when he's photographed on a golf course.

  35. Is it not the case that the only person who has confirmed his arrest is him?

  36. Official confirmation can't come until after an indictment is actually issued. Also, the grand jury doesn't meet on Tuesdays. While an indictment is likely, he definitely made up the date.

  37. I wonder if he is going to go down easy? Probably not considering he left the white house huffing and puffing. However, i really want to know if the SS would stand down so the orange turd can be handcuffed? Or would he order the SS to fight back?

  38. They'll probably negotiate so he doesn't need to be handcuffed. He'll still be fingerprinted and have his mugshot taken, but the security risk of having him handcuffed far outweighs the security risk of not having him handcuffed, and it would be silly to rigidly adhere to policy in special circumstances like these.

  39. Whoever is passing the closure is aware of the fact that the closure can outlive call scope when it’s marked as escaping. Not knowing this could introduce memory leaks or other unexpected behavior. The compiler can figure this out but it might not be obvious to the person who’s writing the code.

  40. This is the correct answer. Having captured objects escape is a surprising behaviour and you should be able to reason about the lifetimes of your objects. Automatically lifting a closure to be escaping makes it harder to reason about the correctness of your code and it should be a deliberate choice.

  41. Hey, brauchst du ein Fahrrad? 50 Mark, ist wie neu.

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