1. I wouldn't recommend thick natural fabric to anyone, it will tear your hair UP! Silk or satin is much better for hair health.

  2. I like to shower in complete darkness. Turn off the lights, block the bottom of the bathroom door with a towel or my clothes if I have to, maybe put some music on if I'm in the mood, and just have a nice, long, hot shower. It's incredibly relaxing, almost like a little nap with how warm it is and all the darkness.

  3. even if it was still wanna get it checked out since it looks inflamed/irritated

  4. I used to love Bethenny. I was a day one housewives fan and she really made the show to me. I’m not sure why I don’t like her new content.

  5. He ruined his face. He looks like a comedic actor now — it’s giving suite life of Zack and Cody. Like he looks like he is almost hot but HAS to be funny. I feel bad for these celebrities who go so far with their work and end up ruining normal faces. Wtf.

  6. I believe I got a plantar plate tear (or similar bottom of foot tear) between my third and fourth toes from wearing cheapo $8 walmart shoes and fly fishing. I don't know the exact moment of the injury, but a week later, I felt the characteristic bump on hard floors that grew into moderate pain after walking through an airport.

  7. Thanks for contributing here. Glad you’re healed up and feeling better — hopefully you were able to return to your activities.

  8. Not sure but looking into this due to recent symptoms. No heartburn, but this horrible feeling of air in my throat / feeling a need to burp. I suspect this is caused my indigestion / acid reflux.

  9. Did it ever go away for you? Were you able to continue taking Spiro? What was your dose. I am having the same issue as you, a mild globus sensation

  10. Honestly, I stopped taking spiro probably the day I wrote this post (49 days ago). I initially thought it was better, but I still have the sensation and a lot more burping than I ever have in my life.

  11. This is so alarming lol. It’s giving eccentric cat lady + end of life Elvis.

  12. I’m so frustrated with this show. For starters, why doesn’t Billie have a password on her MacBook? We live in 2021, everybody has a password. You write an explicit journal and don’t password protect it? 🙄 Not only does she not have a password, but she also leaves that thing open on the counter, in the bedroom; hell, you may as well open it and put it on Cooper’s lap.

  13. Agree with ALL of this. Also, given the way the show originally paints Cooper to be an angel of a husband, I don’t even believe her would read her open laptop

  14. I forgot that I’m an addict for a second. Until I ate my third pint of ice cream in two days.

  15. my suggestion: finish up the next date, put him on the back shelf for a couple of months and see how he's "feeling" at that point (maybe he'll have 'figured himself out' by then)

  16. Eta: my toxic trait is that now I’ve freaked myself out and want to cancel the date lolol

  17. sure -- you could remark that you find it concerning that he's not figured himself out, which is outside your comfort zone, and think you two should take a break for 2-3 months

  18. Update for you: we’ve talked everything through, and in the past week, things have become a bit more serious. He’s told me he’d like to be my boyfriend, and we’re just moving forward at a pace that feels right.

  19. He has been handsome in certain roles, and there is no doubt that he’s striking, but the bone structure and deep set eyes make him look a bit… inhuman may be the wrong word, but also frightening to me.

  20. Agree with you. I find him uncanny (the Freud definition of the word) and frightening and can’t even consider him remotely attractive as a result.

  21. I agree LOL. He seems like he could be on something. Sprint away my friend I will run with yoy

  22. Nope! I used NAL for maybe a month? Wasn’t really working, but one day I had a hangover so heinously bad. I mean horrifically bad, that I never drank again. Still sober 16 months later.

  23. Yhh I definitely agree but I think something happened because there’s now some resentment there

  24. Exactly. He’s turned something positive that he originally wanted to learn and take away from the Jewish community into something he feels was withheld from him. He’s gone from admiration to resendment

  25. I need to do the fucking 12 steps. Period. Full stop. Something in-between laziness and depression is preventing me from reaching out to the person who I asked to sponsor me, and is also making it challenging for me to get to the house to go to meetings.

  26. Yesterday is the second day in a row i swigged and spit out wine. I finally ditched the bottle.

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