1. I dont buy its fake. Big game vs italy. One good foden performance and his chances of being a starter at the euros are low. May not mean much to people on reddit but most players care more about playing for their country than their club

  2. Not been overly convinced by us for a while now (except Europa matches, weirdly enough).

  3. Ofc we aren't doing well when the signings which improved the whole squad aren't available. Some people man. Just be happy where we are. I am so happy with watching football again. But after the 7-0 the moaners flood the sub again

  4. Haha, what part of my comment was a moan? Was it when I said we're doing fucking well for a team with injuries and matches every few days?

  5. When the fuck did flights get so expensive?

  6. We have noticed the exact same thing. Can’t find good timing flights for less than £250 each now.

  7. Just had another look this morning and BA have a flight to Ancona (small regional airport in Italy) for £572

  8. United fans pretend not to be able to read in order to ignore this.

  9. Eh? Not like we haven't been done by inconsistencies recently either

  10. Hopefully have Eriksen back in April too, makes a massive difference with him and Casemiro in midfield

  11. I want to know what kinghorn mumbles to himself during his kicking routine

  12. Love when kicks for corner take you further away from the line than you started

  13. That's a fucking incredible finish

  14. That's quite a tongue in cheek way of looking at his first season

  15. Generally very good throughout the match, went in for a pretty bad tackle (more out of control than anything else) for his second yellow but otherwise was one of the better players out there

  16. Arsenal really is nothing special. But Sporting is so infuriating to watch, they need to create 100 chances to score a goal.

  17. Harsh, they've rotated some of their best players for this match and had some injuries already.

  18. Honestly, a throwaway comment in an interview before a dead rubber Europa League match, and you'd think he killed their dog or something, the way arsenal fans have reacted

  19. Tbh, I completely agree but I don't think he's really going after anyone here, so hasn't actually put that much thought into it. The comment seems really more of an exemplar than a dig, and the fact that City have barely had any injuries is overlooked because of how often their team changes due to Pep roulette, whereas Arsenal seem to play the same team (with 1 or 2 changes), or at least that's how it is perceived.

  20. To be fair, I doubt he expected everyone to have a hissy fit over a pretty nothing comment during a 15 min conference before a dead rubber Europa League match.

  21. People are taking Ten Hag’s quotes too literally, and maybe that’s because of the language barrier.

  22. It's been posted and removed before too, so it isn't even like someone came across it. Not sure why they're getting so wound up over a throwaway comment used in an interview.

  23. TAA looks like he just wants to go home at this point

  24. That tackle was weird enough by rudiger, nevermind the celebration aha

  25. That's not really how football works mate. Utd beat Barcelona. Barca beat Madrid. Madrid beat Liverpool. Liverpool beat Utd.

  26. Who in the league has better depth? That’s my whole point.

  27. In terms of quality rotation options, City have some pretty great options and Liverpool have great attacking depth (when they're not injured).

  28. The Bear is just fantastic. Boyfriend and I know say "Yes chef!" whenever we're cooking

  29. It really is. That one shot episode is one of the best things I've ever seen

  30. I was told by United fans when we were 2-0 down to Bournemouth that it was a 3 horse race. What happened to Uniteds title charge? Anyone?

  31. And, I was told by Arsenal fans when you were 2-0 down to Bournemouth, that you've bottled the title and City will walk it.

  32. Mad that neither Konate or VVD are on yellows. Mess of a ref

  33. Did the ref get confused by too many fouls there?

  34. I'm glad Liverpool are back, that was a weird week

  35. Wait.. right wing internet weirdos are on meghans side on that incident? Im not English but Id think they'd be on clarksons side.

  36. Let's see if the Daily Mail has the guts to criticise TWO of England's best strikers. Disgusting newspaper not fit to wipe my arse on. I hope Alan Shearer quits as well and completes the hat-trick of MoTD presenters leaving.

  37. It's so funny seeing the DM commenters celebrating this, whilst just weeks ago they were frothing at the mouth over the Clarkson -meghan incident.

  38. I’m waiting for the camera guys to say they won’t record for match of the day and it’s just gonna be a series of hastily drawn sketches.

  39. 15 year old in the studio with a sketchbook flicking through the pages to create moving highlights to the backdrop of dubstep.

  40. She didn't say that 100 million people are trying to come to the UK, you are purposely misleading what she said, aka you are lying.

  41. No you're right actually, she said they are coming. Thanks for correcting me, it's even worse than what I said:

  42. haha I mean yeah, of course 100 million people aren't coming here but she knew exactly what she was saying, and why the rag newspapers ran stories with the 100 million headline.

  43. Was so happy Solomon scored until I saw he's on my bench. Next to ward.

  44. Haven't been able to watch much of the match, what the fuck happened in that second half?

  45. Reports again linking us to Scott McTominay over the weekend. People did warn us that Eddie Howe's signing track record is a bit spotty - and starting to see why if it's true that he's really keen on the likes of McTominay.

  46. Tbh, I totally agree that you should be setting your standards higher if you want to push on because I don't think McTominay does anything well enough to push you up to the next level.

  47. Maybe. There's always a possibility that a move unlocks something in him. But it seems like a massively overpriced depth signing for a player whose best attribute is his work rate, and we've already got a team stuffed full of limited players who work very hard.

  48. Yeah, if you spend that on him to play him as a DM, I think it'd be a waste.

  49. Yesterday was absolutely shocking. A combination of our players totally losing their heads, going into hiding on the pitch and Liverpool players taking full advantage of that. They could have scored as many goals as they wanted to yesterday.

  50. Arsenal fans on this subreddit specifically seem like such a deluded bunch they have to invent new things to shit on United and they've come out in droves now lmao. Its so pathetic.

  51. In a massive fanbase you'll always be able to point to shit-takes on twitter or on here but it doesn't mean much.

  52. Do you think United are overrated ? They're just being saved by Rashford godly form + having a world class DM + Ten Hag in game changes. They're in a purple patch and don't control games like City, Arsenal. Chelsea won UCL in 2021 and it was our purple patch till Chilwell injury.

  53. Well the counterpoint to this is that there have been other important players this season. Shaw has largely been extremely high-performing in matches, Martinez and Varane also. Bruno has also had a number of very good matches this season - I don't necessarily think it's fair to write off their impact in the team because of recent matches where others have outperformed them.

  54. God this post took me back to playing those matches at school, when it's so cold your feet never warm up. I thought I'd forgotten that, thanks op.

  55. Walked past a WHSmith the other day and thought about how impressive it is that they're still in business.

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