1. I had a cockatiel and nanday conure that lived in the same cage for a decade and had absolutely zero issues. They loved each other and got along great. Every bird is different, but if they get along then I see no issues.

  2. I have used my Freespirit Recreation overland trailer for about 5 years now. I have taken this thing everywhere, beat it to hell and its still great after all these years. It is light and tows well behind my Jeep. A little pricey for basically a steel box, but I highly recommend it.

  3. I have used the TETON Mammoth Double sleeping bag for years and me and my wife love it. They have a 20 and 0 degree version. We paid $99 on sale at a local sports store but Amazon had them for $150.

  4. It was about that time I realized that Girl Scout was an 8 story tall Lochness monster. Haha.

  5. I’ve been having this happen with my outdoor cams recently. I’m guessing it was a firmware update that caused it. I say this because I’ve had my cameras in the same place since purchase 2 years ago. They still record the movement notifications but data goes to 0 when I load the live stream.

  6. I own 3 Oru Kayaks and absolutely love the folding type. I also have dogs that ride with us so was pretty wary of them popping an inflatable. I’ve had them for about 5 years and they have taken a decent amount of abuse and are still going strong.

  7. I have the same thing. Bits of it keeps getting dragged to the top glass when I open the drivers sides FWD. So annoying. Not sure of the purpose, other than to create a mess. I spoke to the service center when my X was there for an unrelated issue, and of course it’s within spec. Hahaha

  8. I know this is a long shot, but the light strip on your driver's side headlight is out. Get it fixed before your warranty expires!

  9. Great job being an awesome member of society. We could use a few more people like you!

  10. Just got my brand new refreshed model x back from her first wash. Noticed a huge gouge in the seat. The car wash is paying for it and owning the issue. The upholstery repair service they use seems very reputable. But still, so sad to see in my brand new $120k car. I have no experience with upholstery repair. Anyone know if it will be noticeable post repair?

  11. And to top it off they don’t stop or appear to look for cross traffic before pulling out into the street. Terrifying there is people like this on the road.

  12. I’m curious on this as well. Just got my first Tesla (model X) and I’d really rather not put ugly yellow stickers on my beautiful metallic blue paint job. I was thinking of just keeping them in the glovebox and presenting them if I get pulled over. Not sure if an officer would accept that though.

  13. I installed a set of airlift 1000 (60829) air springs on my 2018 Sahara because I tow a trailer and had issues with squat. Works like a champ. Highly recommended due to easy self install and cheapness.

  14. I’ve ran the Mojave Road a few times with them and have had no problems. I don’t do extreme technical stuff so I can’t vouch for that. I just tow an off-road trailer and do decent amount of overland camping. I have taken my Jeep to Hollister Hills and run areas with a decent amount of flex and they held up fine. Just leave a lot of slack for the airlines so they don’t pull. I also just recently had my tires changed and being on the lift at the shop with no support to the axels didn’t cause any issues. They are cheap so I figured it would be a good place to start. If they don’t work it’s would only be $100.

  15. I believe it’s Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Wilderness in New Mexico.

  16. It is very bright when the lights are on and they are on for 20hrs a day. It will definitely affect your sleep. I have mine in the kitchen because that is where I cook and it makes it easier to cut herbs and veggies to throw in dishes. As far as moving it, it’s not bad. Disconnect the top from water tank and move separately. You’ll actually have to do this when you change the tank water anyways. Hope this helps.

  17. Beautiful! The silhouette kind of looks like a dolphin (head at the bottom of the image).

  18. It looks like it has a screen protector on it, and it’s peeling off. I’m having the same thing happen right now. I have a spare and will be replacing shortly.

  19. That’s where my head goes too but you would think if you pressed back down on it you would see ‘bubbling’ or it trying to stick back on briefly right? This does absolutely nothing if I press on that corner, like no air or liquid between 2 layers

  20. I just went out and pressed on mine. It didn’t change at all either. Doesn’t even seem to be attempting to re-adhere. I bought my Jeep new and was the one who applied the screen protector, so I’m confident that’s what’s going on with mine. Do you know if yours has a protector on it? I’d hate for you to start trying to peel off a nonexistent screen protector.

  21. Isn’t it the apartment next door? Lol

  22. Never actually done that set. Hmm, no idea then. I was assuming this was a jail cell. Haha

  23. Look under the floor mats. Jeep Wranglers have drain plugs very similar to that. Not sure if Accents do as well though.

  24. Are you in Florida? To me it looks like a old dried up centipede or millipede, both of which are commonly found in the southeast.

  25. Looks like a heron. Lots of different types. Sharing location would help with the ID. To me it looks like a striated heron, but those are local to Australia I believe.

  26. It’s roots. If you don’t keep up with trimming the roots they can grow from the top all the way down to the water. Good idea to trim every now and then. I like to look at the roots weekly to every other week. I’ve also had roots grow from a lower pod up to the ones above.

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