1. Poor passing, poor touches.. uninspiring play overall. Ugh.

  2. Def gonna need more than 1 goal tonight.

  3. Do you consider DMB a jam band? And my buddy and I saw DMB two nights and both were wearing jam band shirts (phish and string cheese). I have never heard so many drunk assholes threatening to kick our asses for liking “hippie bullshit”. So yeah, in my experience those were the worst fans I’ve ever met. Shows were incredibly meh too.

  4. Wore a phish shirt to the DMB show last night and received a lot of shout outs - hugs and high fives. And the show kicked major ass. So there’s that, too.

  5. I’m not saying it’s everyone by any means. But we were blown away by it. Definitely soured me to their scene.

  6. I can see that.. sorry that happened to ya. I hope if you ever hit another show it’s a much better experience.

  7. Last night at Riverbend was awesome. The boys were cookin’

  8. Idk every show I’ve been to when it is plays the people around me at least go nuts

  9. I def found a new appreciation for it in recent years. Last year Noblesville was awesome.

  10. I've been around since Crash and don't care much for most of what I've heard of the new album so far, but I'll go to bat for Come On, Come On and Virginia in the Rain any day of the week. I was shocked to discover that lots of fans dislike those songs. 'Virginia' has a fantastic vibe, and 'Come On' is unironically a top-10 DMB song for me. People can like what they like and dislike what they dislike though.

  11. Heard Come On Come On a few times live last year and I really enjoyed it. Also love VITR. Both studio and live versions work well.

  12. Wish they made it 2-0 earlier so I could stop watching sooner.

  13. Understandable, I'll be staying around the Dayton/Troy area, so I'll be about an hour away from Cincinnati and Columbus.

  14. Air Force Museum in Dayton is also cool and free

  15. Surprised to not see El Vaquero mentioned in here yet…

  16. We visit the gahanna location often. Love all the staff there - food is always on point.

  17. Wow ganging up on working-class Fennessey when "my dad's a lawyer and I went to Dartmouth" Dobbins is right there.

  18. Bartender, Here on Out, Dreamgirl, Idea of You are all songs I wish were regularly payed

  19. American Baby Intro Portugal 07’ … sheesh. Chills. Love for it to come back, too. Cheers!

  20. I knew the back line would struggle but Quinton.. sheesh. Cmon dude.

  21. Agreed! N1 at Railbird last year was criminal in my opinion. All venues should allow water bottles of a certain size / type.

  22. Yes same here. They did a nice job with the studio version! I love the flute at the end.

  23. Same! The outro is awesome. I am really digging the studio version.

  24. One of the first things I thought was how much I would like for that outro to be 3 or 4 minutes long. Gorgeous.

  25. Just peeped it on Spotify and I am really digging it. Sounds excellent with the cans on.

  26. I’d love a live stream option for the tour

  27. If you are asking about our usual setup on Crew gamedays, that is correct - we are currently in a holding pattern on those (including setting up at Betty's) due to circumstances completely outside of our control.

  28. Was able to get an order through and very happy with the purchase. Will be back to the site soon. Cheers!

  29. Jeremy at Buckeye Auto Tech has always done a great job is is very reasonably priced

  30. Caught If I Ever Feel Better around ‘07 while out with some friends and I totally spaced out from whatever we were talking about and all I could focus on was that song. Poured over their library at that point and I’ve been hooked ever since.

  31. I went on a found footage dive recently and was pleasantly surprised by The Poughkeepsie Tapes. Host is also a worthwhile watch.

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