1. Artsjdn Ah juba juba. Jeirebbd and then didivvd bhhs da bah. Whejffi. Mh. And I dhdhdujdh ba ju bab.

  2. Jesus said the original version at the Sermon of the Mount.

  3. I like to think you have a disease where you forget your memories every 3 minutes and see the same stories on your front page and respond in similar comments each time.

  4. You've been on reddit 11 years without realizing the shitty app double posts sometimes?

  5. Some people prefer a tragic backstory to the truth.

  6. You've been on reddit 11 years without realizing the shitty app double posts sometimes?

  7. There's one in every group. Someone has to pick everything apart and criticize it in some way or another. This shit is funny man. Let it go. No one ever said it was classic literature worthy, it's just entertainment.

  8. Alright alright alright! We can take turns, I got dibs on being president on fridays, the rest of you sort out the other days

  9. You know that she's taking all the public aid she can find.

  10. But talks constant shit about "Welfare Queens" and thinks there should be no taxes while being completely unaware where her own aid comes from

  11. I once had this good spot sleeping the stairwell of a parking garage. One morning the security caught me and he said as long as I keep it low key, don't make a mess, and I'm out by 6:00 then he'd have no problem letting me sleep there.

  12. How to get a new girl easy is have a supply like this. Bitch crying about nothing

  13. Right? Just post this on your tinder profile and you would have 3 new girls on your doorstep within 15 mins

  14. I feel ya. It's definitely the rarest of street chems and hardest to get

  15. I don't recommend it cause then you'd get all the dxm junkies trying to get fronts or just straight up rob you. If your gonna sell it's best to stick to more laid back drugs like crack

  16. Wrong, the nra is a national association, blm is a leftist political play

  17. What part of tax exempt non-profit do you not understand?

  18. Aye, reminds me of It Follows. Maybe that's why that movie is so creepy. Can't rest at all, just constantly being tracked

  19. Wow! Truly disgusting that you would think that s/

  20. Just because they both start with na doesn't mean they're the same

  21. Idk what it is but the mods of left leaning subs are generally a bunch of assholes. I got banned from

  22. i don’t even want to find a sleeping buddy because i can’t trust anyone… and yeah, that does sound helpful. sleeping during the day and staying awake at night. would it be safe to wander during the night though or just stay in one spot and find a discreet spot? first time being homeless..

  23. Yeah I used to sleep during the and stay up at night. I'd spend all night just wandering the streets. It was actually pretty tranquil after the bars would close. The few hours between the bars closing and day break was the only time I'd get close to happiness during my homelessness

  24. Who droves blacked out jeep wranglers, rigged up for 4x4 without ever actually going 4x4. With the snorkle. And the jeeps name is something like "nightcrawler" or "rubiconned."

  25. I dont know if someine wrote about this yet, bit the problem is when the battery drains completely that this g15 doesnt have a separate cmos battery for BIOS. So when battery duscharges completely, it goes dumb and wont charge or turn on

  26. I have no idea why this 6mo old thread popped up in my feed but for anyone who's going through this issue then I recommend that you call Dell.


  28. No. It’s the mysterious WHO. As in “Who dunnit”. And May 22nd of what year is TBD. It’s so cryptic only the enlightened will understand. Obviously. Sheesh.

  29. WHO-H=WO. N+WO=NWO. NWO= New Woke Organization. None of the letters of BLM are in New Woke Organization. That's because they are trying to hide it and want you to stay asleep.

  30. Julien calender obviously cause it's what the deep state uses

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