1. Fuck i love this man. Just gives it to ya straight. Fucking me lets win the league with this cunt!

  2. Commentator said that’s his first ever red in there premier league. Unbelievable considering he was such a dirty cunt

  3. Commentator also said “oh its a difficult one” hahaha what a fucking twat cunt. Its simple Put the curtain up and shoot the cunt

  4. Talk to me lads whats the run down on this bloke

  5. Is there any chance it isnt partey? Or am i way too optimistic

  6. Wonder if we have done any work on how to defend against a transition

  7. Trying too mate it just gets too me. Mcgrath with his words earlier on in the year and now hepp. Its all empty words. Reckons he hasnt seen any footage dont talk shit. 9 weeks in and nothing has changed apart for one week.

  8. More chukkas and kumbaya around the camp fire here talking about feelings. Lets get serious and drive some fucking standards ffs.

  9. Bravo for this compilation i thoroughly enjoyed reading it

  10. If this gains enough traction, then gladly!

  11. Keep pumping them out and they will gain traction mate

  12. Probably worth persisting with Eyre or Baldwin and then going hard after someone. My god if we could land King...

  13. Im hearing that josh eyre is rubbish! Could just be limited game time with covid but yeh athletically Got it all but footy wise shit house

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