Obi-Wan Kenobi - Episode 6 - Discussion Thread!

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  1. I think in this instance I don't mind because the episode hasn't come out yet.

  2. I agree with this. Never trust IMDb on content yet to be released.

  3. K2 wont be in season 1 despite the original announcement, they confirmed this a while ago. He will likely be in season 2, though.

  4. I didn’t even realize this would be multiple seasons. That’s good news! Out of all of the series (other than Mando), this one seems to be the most worthy of having multiple seasons.

  5. Yeah! Unfortunately only 2, though. Season 2 will span ~4 years and lead straight into Rogue One.

  6. September 21? Did they move the release date, it was originally August 31.

  7. Yep! They delayed it, but it premieres with 3 instead of 2 episodes now, so at least there's that.

  8. Join the hype train on the Star Wars Television Discord!

  9. This schedule is still unconfirmed - it did appear on Disney+ but was then removed. It could have been a placeholder, or the date could have changed. It is not meant to be known yet.

  10. This is sourced from a banner that appeared on Disney+. It has since been removed.

  11. Report posts with spoilers in the titles - we're only human, we can't catch them all every time.

  12. Your title was a spoiler. Most people aren’t seeing that character poster, and it doesn’t state it’s Leia (although it’s obvious). Legit news sources have been spoiling stranger things finale for me all day. Assume everything is a spoiler. You shouldn’t be banned…. But learn your lesson bro.

  13. Just to be clear, Leia being in the show isn't considered a spoiler in

  14. Naming the episodes only by the number is very lazy and makes finding these threads a pain

  15. We aren't given episode titles in advance and these posts are scheduled beforehand.

  16. Just as an update, the article has been updated and the information about him directing episodes was removed.

  17. His videos are fiction, he's been a nuisance for years.

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