1. Also someone who likes to power trip but has no leader qualities. In his own discord he is absolute and doesnโ€™t allow opposing views or even ask question and is ban happy. Dude is so immature, with all the CCP shit. He wants clout but canโ€™t handle what gives him the clout.

  2. Used to be for a short period; haven't been for some time now

  3. You know that your purchase means literally nothing for their bottom line, right? Do the math.

  4. In fact it literally means something, it is a tiny number impact to the bottom line and rounding error in income statement but it is not nothing. If a large number of people here choose to shop there when they can, it could actually add up. I myself spent over $2,000 there in the last six month. Assuming you are a BBBY investor, would you rather have me buy that stuff from another store because you dont think it matters.

  5. Add up the number of people that read this sub times what could be spent. It's nothing.

  6. Maybe English is a second language to you. The word you are looking for in your argument is 'negligable.'

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