1. Hello, curious about your crawlspace spray foam. You sprayed the underside? Was the crawlspace vented? Any regrets?

  2. we completely encapsulated the space. so sprays joists and walls. There are two schools of thought. the first is that you keep a crawl space ventilated and just insulate the joists and the second is complete encapsulation.

  3. In your professional opinion, what the fuck happened at the super bowl this year?

  4. what do you call the 'little wood bump outs' on the eaves of the house?

  5. For sure those are integrated LEDs and not replaceable. Unfortunately you will have to replace the whole fixture.

  6. oh bummer, I thought so, how long should these usually last? I installed this about 5/6 years ago?

  7. You can't be jealous of what someone else has. You can only be jealous of what you have (i.e., afraid of someone taking what you have).

  8. yes Jealous wasn't the word I was looking for, it was definitely envy. I commented elsewhere.

  9. I did a similar project and leveraged a number of pictures to help.

  10. MVPD = multichannel video programming distributor

  11. Damn I should have come to the comment sections before Google-ing what that stood for. Thanks!

  12. Pre-emergent inhibitor. I've used it on my Bermuda grass lawn and it works wonders. You have to time it almost exactly right though, like during the week when you see the first weeds emerging.

  13. Yeah, however I will be planting crops via seed in those beds though.

  14. I was at the innings festival on Sunday and then this game on Monday! It was beautiful, thanks for sharing

  15. what was with the big cheer during his performance about 3/4 of the way through?

  16. What was up with the big “OHHH” about 3/4 of the way through?

  17. Oh yeah, they are quite expensive but we probably use ours a few times a week. Back in 2016 I redid my entire master bathroom, growing up my parents had a steam shower and I always knew I wanted one.

  18. I also have a waterproof speaker which may or may not get brought in as well.

  19. Has there been a single case of bonus clawbacks?

  20. Wells Fargo for the account opening scam.

  21. From the picture, that looks really close to the pergola. How much space diameter is there?

  22. not much to be honest, however I am not opposed to going out further if needed.

  23. yeah it could be could as well, its also considered native to my area.

  24. Love this song. What are their other big hits?

  25. By a group of wealthy speculators do you mean Peter Thiel and all the companies he invests in? Rumor is Peter Theil told every company he was invested in to pull their money out last week.

  26. It's not rumor it's fact. He told all founder's fund startups (besides the fact as part of the deal they had to bank with SVB) to pull funds out

  27. CNN: "US banks sitting on unrealized losses of $620 billion"

  28. Nope. The Fed announced they would backstop any us treasuries and/or MBS that are currently underwater. The plan is to provide a one year loan via collateral supplied by the bank

  29. yep it definitely will I really dislike when the landscapers do this.

  30. This is Matt Wright, he had a show on Netflix about his wildlife conservation efforts in Australia and was in line to fill in the void left by Steve Irwin. Him and his best mate Chris Willow Wilson starred in the show and unfortunately Chris passed away in a tragic helicopter crash. Matt was recently charged with a slew of offences relating to the crash, including attempting to pervert the course of justice and destruction of evidence, before being released on bail. While the details are sketchy at best obviously something serious happened here. It will be interesting to see what comes out and what actually happened.

  31. We bought GE appliances and it's been about 7 years and so far so good.

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