1. I wouldn’t be surprised if opad and open went bankrupt in this housing market.

  2. What's the easiest way of buying T-bills? I have a large "house fund" collecting virtually nothing in interest (not quite $500k but close), and am now thinking that I won't be buying until spring/summer. However, I want to be at least semi-liquid just in case something pops up. Can I buy from TreasuryDirect (I have an account there for the I-bonds I've been buying)?

  3. Literally same here. Fidelity. I swear to god that I was able to view them on mobile a few weeks ago just like CDs, but for the life of me I cannot find the option anymore. Instead I bought a bunch of FDIC insured, non-callable, 4.7-4.85% 1 and 2 year CDs. I want to buy some treasuries still but can’t figure out how to on Fidelity.

  4. https://timeinthemarket.com/how-to-buy-treasury-bonds-on-fidelity/

  5. Yeah because I can’t figure out how to buy a T-bill lol.

  6. Are there any addons that will auto sell the bevy of BOP crap that I pick up during dungeon runs?

  7. No point in keeping funds in there when risk free bonds are nearing 5% interest. The risk for 2% more is just not worth it.

  8. yeah that is my only big concern. it might be worth giving up a few BP for a shorter term CD like 1 year or a 3-5 year that isnt' callable.

  9. True, I've mostly been doing 3-12 month CDs for now, still lots of unknowns or same range for treasury bills. If you want to do something longer, treasury notes are near that range and aren't callable.

  10. All the biggest pbms are owned by insurance companies so it’s all a grift.

  11. BAM - very diversified in multiple business areas and expect stock price and dividend to grow over the long long run.

  12. Roundball Rock is easily the greatest sports theme of all time.

  13. Anyone who merger accounts just missing a ton of skins? Like I merged with my old ps account and I know a bunch of my pc skins are not there but hell if I remember exactly which ones.

  14. Spreadsheet day and I'm really seeing the benefits of a balanced portfolio. Earlier in the year, my stocks were down but this was somewhat counterbalanced by a rise in the notional value of my home. Now that the market conditions have changed, both my stocks and house have lost value. Much better that way, more symmetrical.

  15. If you had bonds, those would be down too so it'd be a win/win/win.

  16. I feel like I read this same exact story every phone release and yet somehow they keep printing money.

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