1. My milk didn’t come in until day 3. Luckily our hospital had donor milk that we asked for and that held us over until mine finally came in. If they don’t have donor milk if you go on Facebook and search human milk for human babies (insert your state) you may be able to find some!! But don’t be afraid to supplement with formula in the meantime!! Good luck!

  2. My niece had cradle cap like this. Use frida baby cradle cap system. Be very gentle. It may take a few times to get it all so don’t go crazy trying to scrape it all off the first time. Good luck

  3. 6 month pp here and I’m happy to say I finally noticed new growth! When my hair is tied up (which it normally is) you can see along my hairline hairs sticking straight up. Mostly by my temples lol whenever I open up Snapchat and the camera is facing me I immediately notice the mini bangs now

  4. I will never let my mil watch my baby girl. When baby was a month old she said to my husband let me take her and pierce her ears. Which I am 1000% against until my daughter can ask me and take care of them herself. She has tried to kiss my baby when I have told her no. I feel as if she just doesn’t respect my wishes so no she will never watch her. Oh and she also would hit my husband growing up so again. No 🙂.

  5. Honestly I pump and use formula since I am an under supplier (2 out of 5 bottles a day are breast)

  6. I had Buffalo chicken Mac and cheese the other night and my supply increased by about 4 ounces that day! I was so surprised and happy. It has since gone back to my regular daily amount but that was a nice little surprise!

  7. I have maybe 10-15 but don’t use any. My baby never spits up 🤞🏻 bibs howeverrrrr I probably have about 50 of those

  8. I have a 6mo as well and I’m still extremely cautious on who holds her. She hates being held by my MIL which I’m okay with since I don’t like her anyways lol my FIL and SIL can hold her without her crying so it’s just my MIL. But anyways I have not let anyone on my husbands side of the family hold her. I don’t really talk to them that much (language barrier) and I feel as if they don’t care about germs and viruses. I have watched them hold another baby in the family without washing their hands and give her kisses on the face. I have let my aunt hold her since I grew up around her and she is cautious of germs. My baby is perfectly fine with my mom since she lives with us. As for the future there will come a day she won’t want me to hold her anymore so I’m soaking up all of it right now. When she is ready she’ll be more open and may want others to hold her but I won’t force her onto anyone. Same thing with hugs, if someone asks her for a hug and she’s uncomfortable doing so I’m not going to scold her and say she needs to give so and so a hug. This is just the way I want to raise my kid. Other parents will do what they want which I have no problem with. But I think your feelings are valid especially since they are still little and it’s still cold season. I still have no problem telling people no when they ask to hold her. I can tell when she’s calm and relaxed and why would I purposely put her through that distress? They can still interact with her while she’s comfortable in my arms or my lap. My baby’s health and comfort is more important to me than other people’s feelings getting hurt from not being able to hold her.

  9. My 6mo got sick about 2 weeks ago. Dad brought something home and was coughing and had fever and chills. Baby started getting sick a couple days later with a cough. She ended up coughing so hard she puked all over herself and my lap🥺 dad tested negative for covid but I still took her to the pediatrician for a sick visit to see what it could be. Tested for flu covid and rsv and all were negative so it was just a cold. Treated with Tylenol and cuddles and she got better a few days later. They told me to just keep and eye on her breathing and temp basically

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  11. No advice but I’m in a similar boat. My 6 month old girl will only tolerate being held by others for maybe a minute or two. If she looks at my MIL though she bawls her eyes out lol as soon as she’s upset I take her back and she stops. It’s only my husband and my mom that can really hold her without crying (my mom lives with us and helps me with her). But I’m okay with holding her all the time. There will be a day when she decides she doesn’t want me to hold her anymore🥺

  12. 6 months pp here we do it once a week (sometimes 2x if I feel like it). I think it’s important to have sex so we don’t turn into roommates. I also breastfeed and it’s exhausting but your body also produces less estrogen which in turn lowers libido too.

  13. I have a chocolate golden doodle and she started out all brown. We noticed a few hairs of white on her tail which has now grown to a patch. She has also had white hairs grow in on her back which is spreading up her neck. She just turned one in January. My cousin has a chocolate labradoodle who’s like 8 and she used to be all brown but is now faded because of all the white fur. So I’m expecting the same to happen to my girl

  14. You’re a great mom for supporting her though this!! I had a medical when I was 7 weeks. I took my pills orally. For me it wasn’t a bad experience it just felt like a heavy period. I barely had painful cramps, maybe 3 out of 10 on the pain scale. I took 800mg of ibuprofen 30 mins beforehand to help with pain so I’m assuming that helped with my experience. I bled for a little over a week like a regular period that lightened day by day. I hope she has an easy time with whichever procedure!

  15. My baby girl was born 6lbs 3oz and she was swimming in newborn clothes. Someone got her premie clothes but it was like a spaghetti strap onesie….. did not use it lol so we just used newborn pjs and it took maybe a week or two for them to fit nicely. I didn’t see the need to spend money on clothes that she would outgrow so fast. And we pretty much stayed at home in the beginning so no one dressed up for anything

  16. My baby girl likes hot air ballon from the tv show community! It’s so catchy and happy and the characters are muppets!

  17. I need good sleep to function. We got extremely lucky with a baby that started sleeping 6 hours through the night at around 6 weeks! She’s 5 months now and still sleeps around 9-9.5 hours through the night! She loves her sleep just like me! I’m dreading if we have another they’ll be the exact opposite lol

  18. My in laws have been in town, and they babysat for us last night (our baby is 6 months old) so we could go on a date. Our family lives far away so we don’t normally get any help with the baby and we were appreciative that they were happy to babysit.

  19. Omg Im so sorry that happened to you! I definitely would have been upset. For me that would have broken my trust in them and they’d never be allowed to watch my kid again. And I’d also be upset that they didn’t ask and that you weren’t there when it happened. You have every right to feel the way you do and I completely agree with you

  20. Aww, I’m sad you feel that way about the “my baby” comments. It’s such a term of endearment. They don’t mean to take away from you as the baby’s mom, but more-so to be appreciative of the fact that the family is growing. My mother in law refers to me as “my daughter” so I wouldn’t expect anything less than for her to refer to her grandchildren as her babies also.

  21. And I understand that they do love her but I am the one who is raising her. She has had 3 kids so those are her children and her babies. I wish I had a great relationship with my MIL like you and yours. Mine is a typical Hispanic mom who doesn’t like that her oldest son has grown up and his own family to take care of. She’s made me cry on holidays and is just very selfish, dramatic, and wants to be the center of attention. So I already am not a huge fan of her and this my baby comment just adds another reason to not like her

  22. I’m currently just over 5 months PP and had a vaginal delivery. I weighed 165 when I got pregnant, got up to 200 lbs so I gained 35 lbs. I’m now down to 150! I’m breastfeeding (exclusively pumping) so that has helped but I think I just got lucky with genetics. Around 5 days PP we went for a walk around the neighborhood and I have walked every day since to walk the dog. I had to get a few stitches so healing took about 3 weeks to not have any pain anymore. But to bend and pick things up and even go up a set of stairs felt so good within the first maybe 5 days or so.

  23. Seconding that you pretty much can’t over feed a breastfed baby. Mine didn’t latch so I exclusively pump and bottle feed her. So I never got that bond for latching for comfort. I still bond with her while feeding and in other ways but I’m glad she can use her paci to soothe herself so I’m not tied down. Using a paci also reduces the risk of SIDS

  24. Hey! I am still very happy with our decision and do not regret it at all! It was a relief to be honest and I feel much better physically and mentally. I will probably always wonder what if but knowing I’m able to provide a better life for the child I have now outweighs the what if substantially. I am happier now and I feel as if my baby can tell I’m better too.

  25. I had an end of august baby. Being 9 months pregnant in the heat in July was terrible. We had heat wave after heat wave so I couldn’t catch a break. It was nice however that it would be cold season soon so I used that as an excuse to not “pass the baby”. Downside though is that she was still very little when cold season started. We’ve been lucky and haven’t gotten anything so far 🤞🏻

  26. I’m in a similar position. My first just turned 5 months old this week. I found out almost 2 weeks ago that I was pregnant again. Instead of being excited like the first pregnancy this time my heart dropped. I was so disappointed that we let this happen and cried. I immediately knew I did not want to continue. I wanted to give my first baby all the attention she deserves and if I had to split it before she even turned one I’d hate myself. I do want another but not for another year or two. Could we manage? Probably. But we live I’d say comfortably right now and if we had another so soon I know we would end up struggling. And I don’t want that for us right now. I had my appointment at PP on Wednesday and took the first pill. Yesterday I took the second dose and spent the day having period like cramps to expel the pregnancy. This morning I woke up feeling relieved that it’s finally over. I had such bad morning sickness and was so tired all the time. So far I feel back to normal other than having a period. It definitely is such a hard choice to make. I have allowed myself to feel sad at times about it but it ends fairly quickly when I look at the baby I have right in front of me smiling back and knowing I’m able to give her the best life I can offer.

  27. Thank you so much for this. My stomach was in knots last night thinking about taking the pills today. I woke up and the knots were a little less tight. I KNOW that I’m doing this to give my two babies with me the best version of me and for the sake of my marriage. I feel the same though, this isn’t closing a door, it’s just shutting a window to a raging storm. That storm could lighten in a year or two and we may be able to reopen the window.

  28. I was 7 weeks 1 day at the office on Wednesday. I was scared of the pain but for me it really wasn’t bad. I took the anti nausea and 800mg of ibuprofen 30 mins before I took the misoprostol. About an hour after I started bleeding with slight cramps. I think around the 3-4 hour mark was when the cramps were a little uncomfortable so maybe around a 4/10 at the worst ones. That was also when I was passing clots the size of like egg yolks lol I passed the embryo at the 6 hour mark. Everyone is different, I read stories of some being in excruciating pain and a few that didn’t have much pain. I’ll never complain about period cramps vs the labor contractions I had lol

  29. In the same boat, baby is 7 months I can’t do another rn

  30. Only my husband and I kiss her. Never on the lips mostly forehead and cheeks. My mom who lives with us is only allowed to kiss the top of her head (she helps me a lot with her so she’s already exposed to her). My MIL tried to kiss her once and I firmly said no kisses. When I’m around his family my baby is usually in a wrap so I don’t let people even get the chance to kiss her. I know she’ll eventually be exposed to more germs and she’ll even start kissing people. When that happens if people MUST kiss her, only top of her head. But I’m hoping to teach her to not kiss anyone, maybe hugs instead?

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