1. Yep shoes from there are all quantity, it’s sad and Walmart is a better quality anyway

  2. lashana lynch and thuso mbedu for sure!! i thought both of their performances in the woman king were so amazing. musically i’m giving it to the ladies of FLO who i’m so obsessed with (and renee specifically of course hehe)

  3. Weren’t they Ms. Lynch was incredible as Bond…as well and in the “woman king”, l have to Check her other titles

  4. I'm new on the keke palmer train, but I love everything I've seen her in.

  5. I’m terribly sorry you were not protected and violated. My apologies to you, I hope you can seek counseling and emergency services? How are you feeling aside from the obvious?

  6. 27, 30, 4, 613, I have a picture on my page, when I saw “Lemonade” I was aiming for the blend Beyoncé had

  7. I've been going to Roxanne Torres every three weeks for a year now. She's great and asks about past injuries, problem areas, etc. Very nice office with plenty of parking. Worth every penny.

  8. That’s my best friend and I will send her IG she’ll be excited to see this.

  9. This is why I don’t tell anyone I’m showering they think it’s a invite to be gross

  10. I do my own braids as well. As for tucking, I use gel and sometimes blow dry my hair beforehand. When you get to the ends of your hair, pay extra attention to it to make sure it’s all in the braid. I also braid pretty much all the way down the fake hair then dip in really hot water, That helps with the hair getting matted at the end and with flyaways. You’re doing a great job!!😍

  11. Accessories can transform this dress(grey), I don’t see a issue with the fabric, cut or color, i nice belt (depending on the thickness of the fabric even a dark denim jacket would also do) or silver jewelry (your earrings are great, but some brackets or a extra long necklace) and ankle boots (Moto boots with extra straps/hardware)would elevate this to what you’re looking for.

  12. People really need to get a life, feeling some kind of way about the pose. Perception is everything but I didn’t see a issue, your body is yours and if it’s a problem the mods would’ve removed the post.

  13. These are awesome! Daria was my personal fave haha

  14. It's sad looking at twitter during all this. Meg's comment section is filled with trolls and abuse deniers. It's sickening.

  15. Unfortunately people twitter and most SM sites troll because they have nothing else.

  16. Please don't downvote me for asking a question but did she really get shot in the foot. If so was it a direct hit or did shards from the bullet hit her. The reason I ask is because I'm surprised that someone could get shot in the foot yet still be able to do her Megan knees twerk routine not long after. Unless she's just resilient like that? Did she show any pics or x rays of the wound?

  17. I’m sure you can research and find all of this information to inform yourself, Online sans tabloid sites. There’s a police report and the charges have been filed against Tory lanez and the court date is this month.

  18. Women are the forever “Madonna Whore”. Be sexy but not a slut, be gracious and look good but never be too confident, mother your children, honor your man, and never question him. Stay silent and be helpful and know your place. If you don’t feel protected it’s your own fault because everything is. You come into the world the most powerful being and yet the patriarchy ( no matter the skin color) is gaslighting you from birth. And when break free from it. Your are inherently classified as subhuman and too independent because you simple want to be you.

  19. This is a super pretty shade on you! I don’t see this shade very often, actually. Usually bubblegum pink or hot pink, not like a coral pink. Very nice!

  20. Thank you I had a hot pink one, and I was trying to find a Barbie pink but this one is a keeper. I love being a chameleon

  21. Come on over,there are tons of opportunity! Started in software QA before transioning to PM.

  22. For those who wanted / needed a thread without the foolishness of “my random hot take”.

  23. Thank you for posting this, I’m disgusted my standard tabloids, his poor mom and family. Celebrity is the price of visibility. May his legacy and memory be honored

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