1. If you’re open to a class/camp style gym I would recommend Burn Boot Camp! It’s a very welcoming community and the trainers really focus on form and helping you achieve your goals, which I haven’t always seen in these types of gyms.

  2. Do you like theatre? Sarasota has a lot of it and that block of time is perfect for catching a show since they usually start between 7:30 and 8:00. See if anything is on at the Asolo Rep, Florida Studio Theatre, Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe, or the Urbanite.

  3. there’s a girl i went to undergrad with who has a fitness account and almost everything she posts is absolute buffoonery and she’s frequently hypocritical and ego lifts 24/7 while condemning ego lifting and edits quite frequently. i unfollowed her after i graduated but occasionally i go lurk. she’s never been on here despite deserving to be here but i don’t post her because she doesn’t deserve the engagement lmao

  4. It was @mishkadawn, but I did finally unfollow yesterday as she was promoting people should make their own homemade baby formula which is incredibly dangerous.

  5. Surely someone asked her this as a joke.. No one wants to know her favorite French things. Right?? Please tell me I'm right.

  6. what do you get there?! we went a couple years ago after hearing good reviews and were excited for a cheap diner, but it was easily the worst meal i’ve ever had. everything was either bland or overly salted. my bf and i are seriously never that opinionated about food and to this day we still tall about how awful it was 😕maybe it was an off-day.

  7. i know nothing about this person but i don’t think “fit” is one particular way of looking. I’m a fitness trainer and at a size 8 and way bigger than this girl. You can be “fit” and fat, skinny, mid-sized, etc! I think what you were trying to say is that she may just not know much about fitness!

  8. or just like not post a photo of you ACTIVELY PEEING😅 like if it happens okay, yes gross…. but also sounds like she can’t help it. the grossest part is sharing a photo of it

  9. This could have been longer and I would be totally OK with it.

  10. haha thank you! I was running in to teach a class at the rec center hence why it was so short

  11. the way she even glances at the camera after saying it too🙄

  12. i think its Mari fitness and Bloom collab?? but still totally agree lol

  13. Robinia courtyard did reservations last year and you just booked through the website!

  14. Hey there! I just started an online dance fitness studio and offer hip-hop cardio classes (although the "hip-hop" is a bit of a loose term...think more zumba but to pop/hip hop songs instead). I have a "freebie" where you can get the 10 minute class for free!

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