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  1. Really? So there are people that have a reason to not believe in skyglow? Wow, I don’t want to know your reasoning, I don’t want to know how far you are from the metropolis of your region…I just want to know -

  2. I like the statistics of me going to hell. I can offer a statistics of creator going to fuck themselves

  3. Who knows, I bought my retina which is not that old but still for 400 and still investing

  4. It’s because some genius at apple decided to make the menu bar thicker than the notch. That bothers me, I don’t care about the notch at all…. But why is the menu bar too thick?

  5. In iPhone it's logically can be explained but in MacBook I can explain it as a design choice, it should be thicker than notch itself in an Apple design code and continuity, as iPhone as MacBook

  6. It can be not a color filter but color settings, once I fucked up something and it happened to me too

  7. If you are having sex, expectations need to be established beforehand. As well as discussing STDs and birth control.

  8. If you have a PDF agreement checked by an attorney it would be nice if you'd shared, thank you

  9. And won't I get a 2 hour video WHY SOMEONE GHOSTS YOU? on YouTube after?

  10. Sign out of microG, and add your account again.

  11. I was JUST dealing with this issue, ended up with downloading macOS from internet

  12. sorry forgot if it's the battery. test that first. That would be easy. you only need 2 screwdrivers and a battery you can then plug it in on the fly and see if it's charging.

  13. ok than i think you should bring it to a repair shop that can give you a cost reduction

  14. Thank you, I live in Ukraine now so only repair center for me is reddit and executions

  15. It says that consumption is 0, it just charges it enough not to discharge but not to charge

  16. Is it a MacBook Air, MacBook, MacBook Pro? Display size/year?

  17. It should be a 60W adapter, could you have swapped it with someone else’s?

  18. Are you using the original charger? It happens sometime when the computer is not getting enough juice to actually keep running and charge the battery.

  19. Yes it's epic and awesome! And I can even buy the new monitor stand with it for just $999 that turns a whole 30 degrees, wowzers!

  20. Don't forget that it looks amazing and sophisticated (rather not like Samsung and lg), it includes 6 speaker sound, A13 bionic, spatial audio, hey Siri, 3 USB ports and Center Stage camera. And yes. They are charging you 999$ for fine, refined and beautifully designed product that is created for MacOS. If it's a problem to you - LG is waiting for you.

  21. You don't love each other anymore. You start being annoying and conflict with your partner. You're jot together anymore, you just live together. Kind of those things

  22. I disprove this statement. My thoughts don’t look like this.

  23. It's more like I just know I'm not sexually attractive.

  24. Is it comfortable or not for you? And you're trying to change that?

  25. did you post this just to guilt trip people?

  26. The whole post here is because I'm concerned about this particular topic and it means I want to talk about it too

  27. I don't support this shit and it still looks gross to me, BUT, Kim is literally selling her body, her business is literally built on showing her body, products for body that are showed on body and pics of body. While Kanye is selling his art and I wish I could see at least one his naked pic. And no one says besides morons that first is bad and second is good, it just this particular case. That's the point

  28. And built on your sexuality business has nothing to do with «doing nothing». She's definitely not a slacker. Be sure, that girl worked harded than anyone in this room.

  29. Okay miners, stop downvoting me, you work harder lol

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