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  1. I don't like how they took 5 years to recycle the last game map, feels more like an expansion than a sequel.

  2. I did actually. And nobody besides you gives a fuck lol. As I said, you have too much time on your hands. If I wanted to have a literal mountain of porn, why should you care?

  3. Yeah sure, whatever you say buddy. If finding someone attractive so you wonder what they're name is. A pornstar mind you, not some random chick. Then yeah total creep. haha fuckin sherlock holmes over here playin white knight for a pornstar, while at the same time attacking a random person on reddit for no other reason than being salty because your stale corny drake quote didn't land the way u wanted.

  4. How are you this hot? you seriously have a better body than aloooot of the young girls nowadays!!! Would fuck you in a heartbeat

  5. lol so clickbaity. It's pretty big when it's hard tho <3

  6. I love purple hair! I think you looked good

  7. Holy crap you are crazy beautiful :O <3

  8. People like that guy deserve death by torture. I hate close minded bullies who think they rule the world with their opinion. You are beautiful and shouldn't have to accept abuse like this anymore. It's 2021 :(

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