1. This is amd equivalent to free samples at Costco. Cost has a pe of 36. Thus amd now giving free samples will be allowed a higher pe

  2. Will AMD compete with other cloud vendor in the future? E.g. Amazon AWS. Or it is just another marketing tool to show they have better benchmarks against its main competitor? :-)

  3. And here I am still on ancient i5 Sandy Bridge and HDD.

  4. My daily driver is an i5 3470, just one generation ahead of you. I do have 32GB of ram just to run VM. The question is it a good time to upgrade now?

  5. Yeah, I’d take a look at used ryzen processors (ryzen 3600) or 10th ten i3 (like 70$ new). AMD is switching to AM5 so you could snipe some deals

  6. Thanks will check them out. Was watching video that gpu prices are coming down too.

  7. I just recently built a PC with a 5900X and a 3070Ti, and I can tell you it's an absolute dream to run on. If your PC is running fine, it's generally advisable to hold off for new tech and price drops... but this is a pretty good time considering how things have been going for the last 3 years.

  8. Will the AMD new CPU release drive the old AM4 motherboards and the older generation ryzen CPU down, or it is doing it already? I saw some shops are reducing the price. Maybe to make room for the new AM5 motherboard and the cpu? However, one needs to keep in mind and does people have the extra money to upgrade, given the state of the economy?

  9. Bluetooth sucks if you need low latency input or high fidelity audio. If you need it for convenience, a Bluetooth dongle works fine. If you need WiFi, get a PCIe card that has BT5.

  10. Agreed. I found this TP-Link card that would fit the requirements. TP-Link AC1200 PCIe WiFi Card for PC (Archer T5E) bluetooth 4.2 and 2.4 and 5 Ghz for wifi. The more expensive one support bluetooth 5.0 and AC protocol for wifi

  11. Thanks I will look into the handbook.

  12. An alternative to collecting/buying and sowing seeds is to rescue saplings that pop up in places they won't succeed. Lawns, garden beds, rock beds, etc that are near large trees will get loads of young trees seedlings in them, often growing in media's where the entire root system can be easilly scooped up. You can harvest these volunteers any time really, but if the area gets particularly dry (especially rockscaped areas like false dry riverbeds) you'll want to get before they die from heat & lack of water. Cedars, maples, hazelnuts and oaks are just a few of the tree species that are particularly good at producing lots of babies. After a couple years growing in pots, they'll be ready to get planted in their forever spot and thrive. Make sure to use big (>1gal) pots and don't let the roots get bound or girdled

  13. Thanks for the tips. I will keep this in mind.

  14. As a kid, I far preferred the science centre to the zoo. So many cool interactive exhibits in there!

  15. I second science centre. Kids love science centre with things to do and experiment, and downtown aquarium is always a good idea. CNE is also good, but too bad they finish around august. Check out

  16. The market was at a high of 96 during market open and fall to a low of 92.26, now it is slowing climbing back up. Was reading the earning release powerpoint. See

  17. thanks. They also bought Pensando for 1.9 bil. Should be a good move.

  18. Which power supply should I upgrade it with? Also, would your system be able to play Elden Ring? I have a 1030 in there at the moment and it works enough to play 6 years old games but I doubt the newer ones.

  19. Check out this video. I think it is one of the best to show how to upgrade. For the graphics card, go for the single fan.

  20. Reddit automatically places posts with link shorteners in the spam filter. Please change your links to ones that doesn't use a link shortener so it can be taken out of the filter.

  21. Very good deal. I am still using a Dell Optiplex 9010. Is the machine found in US city? I live in Canada, but do not find much items there in Canadian provinces.

  22. yes, got it off a local university auction. try out the publicauction i linked. not sure if your province has unis or government surplus often. but they come up with some good deals.

  23. Thanks. I will check it out. Have a good easter weekend!

  24. OnePlus 6T user here, been using it since 2018 still is a worthy phone but due to lack of storage and new Android update with many glitches (andro 11) I think I will switch to new brand soon maybe like a year. I'm honestly been very happy with my 6T even today, i just want to switch because I think I like pixel camera more and in most of the outdoor shots, OP software tends to make image more sharp and more cool unlike keeping it natural in pixel, but I do have a mod of g cam and I'm good with it, so probably after a year I will switch 🤔 we'll see,

  25. Oneplus 6T user too. I am still on oxygen os 10.3.12. I find it is stable. What kind of glitches you run into in Android 11? I find this link where people can roll back to oos 10.

  26. Are you using Apple devices? Other mentioned install the SmartThings app in an Android device first. Setup the account and make sure you can connect to the samsung device remotely. Then install the SmartThings app in the apple device and connect. This worked for me.

  27. You should check out this video.

  28. Are you planning to get mid tower version? I did try to pair it with EVGA GTX 1050 TI, and it works. Get the single fan one due to space limitation. And you probably want to upgrade power supply as the stock one supply less than 300w.

  29. Level of detail in HMM has dropped of from what I've seen. You can say what you will, but the last 2 thinkpads I've owned had to be diassembled and use plumbers solvent on the plastic parts of the case to weld back together. One was on the corner of the screen bezel. Other was on the thin piece of plastic / cutout around the DVD-ROM drive. That is in fact a direct result of making them thinner. They do an OK job with the hinges, but there are other high-use, high-stress points that suffer. No question in my mind the older boxes were like tanks. They would withstand floor drops, which is why they developed the HDD drop sensor tech (now irrelevant since they pretty much only ship new ones with SSD's). I dare you to drop modern "thin" thinkpad on floor from table / backpack height. You could say the newer ones are tougher because and SSD won't fail just from impact like a hard drive, but I don't think the screen will survivie. Also keyboards components are cheaper I think - rebound on keys noticeably fades over time on newer machines, start getting "dead" keys around 3 years of use. Just sayin'... everybody's milieage varies.

  30. Agreed. my wife use T480, and I use the older model of T410. At work, I used a HP elitebook. Of all three laptops, I like the T410 keyboard. It gives you good haptic feedback when typing. Yes, it is heavier, but it serve its purpose as a work machine, and you don't move it much when you are working.

  31. Was gifted a 9 year old T420, put in an SSD and runs like a dream. Since I do mostly text/pdf things I really don't need the raw CPU power of a newer model.

  32. Older Thinkpad models are built like a tank. They have lots of ports on the side. And the only downside is no m2 support. But SSD should suffice. Once you pair it with a Linux distribution that runs on RAM, they are fast. I dual boot puppy linux and it handles all the daily jobs I do, after I upgraded the ram.

  33. I am no expert. But every card games had their own rules, and it requires different algorithms to implement the game's mechanics. Finite state machine (the state when a winning state is reached), game rules, and many others. Here is an example.

  34. I'm really impressed by the SQLite development process. They have "one giant .c file" for people who want that. They have "here's the six files, each less than 215 lines long, for people with debuggers that can't handle files longer than that." They promise to support file format versions from around 2005 up to 2050. And from what I understand, they basically test each and every machine code instruction, including both branches of every machine code conditional jump, and including both outcomes of every possible machine code comparison. It's like wildly professionally done, at the level I'd expect for stuff like spacecraft software.

  35. Yes, I heard they put all the functions in one big giant .c file in order to make the executable run faster, as the compiler can do better optimization that way.

  36. I was under the impression it was well organized, and they generated the big package the same way others would generate a .tar file.

  37. That sums things up well! Source: I’ve spent the last 4 years on the Flutter team and 3 years before that working on Dart. Here’s the too-short-want-to-read-more summary from my recollection. Nothing here is really news — you can find it with a little searching the web/YouTube.

  38. It is good to hear the opinion from the people who worked in Flutter team. Also find this article that provides a nice explanation on Why flutter use Dart.

  39. Why not both? Be a T shaped developer, wide knowledge (a bit on everything) and deep dive into one speciality. In my team everyone is a “full stack” developer, some focus more on the frontend and some on the backend, but everyone can do (with various levels of complexity and speed) everything. We use code reviews to help the FEish folks to get a bit more skill on the backend and vice versa, but I will simply not hire some who refuse to touch the java / node backend or handle a DB issue because they are only doing FE. Even if they wrote the latest React best seller book.

  40. I like the T shaped developer idea, as it is hard to a master of everything, given the time and energy. At work, everyone can specialize a component within a project, and become the go to person . Also it is good others in the team to know a bit of everything, to backup another team player and lower the bus factor. It is helpful as one need to do production support and do firefighting during a crisis.

  41. The main reason is degradation of battery. I had an ASUS zenfone 2 zoom, which is pretty good back in 2016. Mid range phone, not a flagship. After I upgraded to Android version 6, the battery drain much faster than version 5. Furthermore, it is running on Intel Atom CPU, and Intel no longer supports for it.

  42. Keep in mind the 90hz display takes up a chunk of battery. If you want to improve battery life on days you're away from the charger, just switch the display to 60hz. Also check your apps that use processing in the background. Restrict background usage for any apps you don't typically use all the time or require instant notifications such as email or Facebook. Doing these things will improve battery life.

  43. That's what I heard from my friend who had 7 Pro. In terms of battery life, you mean turning off battery optimization for the apps to make them last longer. I heard some people say do a clean install of OOS would also help too.

  44. You can go into apps and restrict background usage. I did this for apps I don't want updating in the background.

  45. Good idea. I also turned off notifications of the app by going to settings --> Apps & Notifications -> Notifications.

  46. Find this in the language tour.

  47. More than enough. But, sometimes ESXi can be picky about what it gets installed on. Just something to be aware of.

  48. What are the things to watch out for ESXi? I just googled that ESXi runs on bare metal, so I guess it is better I run it on a separate HDD. In my case, I should get another HDD to run ESXi to run other VMS on top of it?

  49. Depending on how big your VM’s are and what you plan to do, it should be fine for a small home lab.

  50. Thanks. when you said how big, you mean the disk size or something else?

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